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Eddie Wang
 |  August 03, 2018


10 Property Inspection Apps Reviewed for iOS & Android


Property and home inspection apps allow end-users to increase productivity and save time on paperwork and emails. With advances in smartphone technology, just about everyone now has access to powerful checklist tools with features like annotations, photo documentation, and signature capture at the tip of their fingers.

As a potential property inspection app user, you have two options: out-of-the-box solutions and custom-built solutions.

Out of the box solutions are designed specifically for a given use case, but can be less flexible. Custom-built solutions like AppSheet can allow for greater personalization and functionality. 

10 (+1 Bonus) Property Inspection Apps

  1. AppSheet
  2. zInspector
  3. SnapInspect
  4. Property Inspect
  5. Property Inspection Manager
  6. Happy Inspector
  7. Buildium
  8. Tap Inspect
  9. Chapps Rental Inspector
  10. Inspect & Cloud
  11. Property Inspection Boss



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Features: AppSheet's platform allows ordinary users to create robust apps with no code. Common features include automated workflows and notifications, GPS, image capture, signature capture, barcode scanners, charts, email notifications, offline access, and personalized branding.

Appsheet Features

Together, these features can be integrated and synced with with your existing data through common data platforms including:

data platforms

Collectively, AppSheet's functional tools and data integrations allow you to build property inspection apps and other real estate-related apps directly from existing spreadsheets and relational databases. Here's an example of a simple house inspection app you can copy and modify:

House Inspection App

And here's an example of a property services app:

Building Inspection App

With your data and AppSheet's platform, you can create beautiful apps that work the way you work - collaboratively on the cloud and functionally through spreadsheets.

Verdict: Ok, we admit it! We're biased. That said, if you're interested in creating a custom solution that integrates with your existing data, it's hard - dare we say, impossible - to find another tool as versatile, comprehensive, and economical as AppSheet.

You can get started with a free trial and find out how AppSheet just might transform the way your team conducts property inspections.

Build Your Own Property inspection App

Z Inspector


Features: Has standard functionality of photo, video, signatures, maps, and offline work. Replaces spreadsheets with "zInspector's customizable, searchable property database." DropBox, Google Drive API integrations.

Price: Free trial for single user up to 5 properties. $9-$16/user depending on package.

Verdict: zInspector delivers a functional tool at a relatively economical price. The app lacks the polish of some of the other apps we reviewed, but it seems to get the job done.


Snap Inspect

Features: In addition to standard features, SnapInspect shines in the area of templates and reporting with many pre-existing and customizable options.

Price: Pricing starts at $49/user and extends to $299/company with enterprise packages beyond for portfolios exceeding 1,500 units.

Verdict: SnapInspect is among the priciest options we looked at, but they also do deliver a tested product that's used by many large realtors. If you have the budget, it's worth taking a look at.

Property Inspect

Property Inspect

Features: Provides you standard set of features along with what seems to be strong team management and reporting tools. Website has high polish.

Price: $37/solo user to $197/team (up to 10 people) and $499+ for enterprise.

Verdict: Along with SnapInspect, Property Inspect offers a strong contender as a premium-grade solution for teams looking for out-of-the-box solutions.

Property Inspection Manager

Property Inspection Manager

Features: Your usual assortment of data capture features along with a slew of real-estate specific data integrations.

Price: $300/year for PIM Pro Plus, $499/year for PIM Premium. Unlimited users.

Verdict: A unique option out of Australia that looks to be a strong contender for users on Property Tree, REST, GeeDee, Console, Chintaro, and Palace systems. Pricing plan is favorable for larger teams.



Features: Effective, colorful UI. Strong reporting. Compelling integrations and API tools.

Price: $499/mo for Core. Call for "Plus" pricing.

Verdict: HappyInspector's website and app platform are undoubtedly beautiful, but is it really worth the premium cost? That's not up to us decide, but we would encourage you to do your due diligence to make sure this is a product that's really worth it before purchasing.



Features: Buildium is far more than an inspection app. They provide end-around services for both owners and residents including maintenance request tracking, insurance, accounting, and more.

Price: Pricing is complicated. There's a ~$200 monthly fee along with an additional $65/mo fee for mobile inspections. Beyond 150 units, you are bumped into their "Pro" tier pricing which is an additional ~20%.

Verdict: If you're looking at an end-to-end solution, Buildium's definitely worth taking a look at. If property inspection is what you care about, there are more cost-effective solutions.



Features: Provides standard photo, video, and notes. As TapInspect launched in 2010, the website seems to be a bit lacking in polish and the UI on the apps look a little dated.

Price: $5/report, $60/mo unlimited, or inspection team $60/mo + $30/mo per inspector

Verdict: From an initial review, TapInspect would seem to be a pricey option for what seems to be a somewhat dated platform.

Chapps Rental Inspector


Features: Chapps stands for checking apps. They provide 3 standalone solutions with Rental Inspector, Dorm Inspector, and Building Inspector that provide the your standard array of features.

Price: Pricing is a bit convoluted with both a license fee per user of ($5-$10) and a per/report fee ($3-$6).

Verdict: If you're looking for an out-of-the-box solution and are willing to pay a premium, Chapps is worth considering.

Inspect & Cloud

inspect and cloud

Features: Inspect & Cloud has all your standard photo, video, text, GPS, offline capability features.

Price: $49-$199. The per-user cost works out to between $49/mo and $20/mo. Higher priced plans have access to templates and video inspection.

Verdict: Overall, the platform seems solid, but it doesn't quite "wow" us given their price points.

Property Inspection Boss

Property Inspection Boss

Features: Their website is thin on details as to what their platform is actually capable of. It would seem to provide fairly standard capabilities with inspection reports as well.

Price: AU$525/year for BOSS Clients and AU$575/year for public.

Verdict: The platform would seem to get the job done, but it doesn't have any notable advantages over other options. We'll pass on Property Inspection Boss for the time being.

Let us know what you think about some of the providers we listed above. We'd love to learn from your insights, thoughts, and questions!

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