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Christina Morales
November 02, 2016

Tips for Creating a Successful E-Commerce App


According to Entrepreneur.com, “In 2016, 2017 and 2018, sources say the total projected U.S. retail ecommerce sales will come in around $392.5, $440.4, and $491.5 billion, respectively.”

While technology is making the global marketplace smaller and increasingly accessible, it is also making competition extremely fierce. To create a successful e-commerce business, it takes more than a great product to attract and keep customers.

Mobile app development can help you to run both the front and back end of your business to ensure that your customers are having a great user experience and that you are running your business efficiently.

A/B Testing

With the many website creators available online, it can be tempting to throw one together in a day and post it live. However, if your product needs some adjustments, the price points are too high or the website isn’t appealing, you’ll actually be losing customers instead of building a faithful clientele. Creating a mobile app and organizing the different parts of your business can aid in establishing a strong voice and appeal to your potential customers. As Wikipedia explains, “on an e-commerce website the purchase funnel is typically a good candidate for A/B testing, as even marginal improvements in drop-off rates can represent a significant gain in sales. Significant improvements can sometimes be seen through testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and colors.”

From there you can take notes on your app to determine what was most appealing, what could use more brainstorming and which areas you should work on to stand out in the crowd.

Asking your customers what’s important to them and testing different incentives or products will give you valuable insight that most certainly will surprise you. These one-on-one conversations and personal interactions may just change the way you present your business and increase your chances for success!

Mobile Storefront

Innovation is only limited by imagination, and it’s truly mind boggling to consider the plethora of apps available. Some recent ones that are gaining in popularity are e-commerce storefronts that run from downloadable apps. Many boutique-like businesses are popping up displaying specially curated outfits, handmade accessories, or a collection of the most popular electronics that can be purchased from just one site. These mobile catalogs have Instagram-like images, succinct descriptions, and click-to-pay options that make shopping fast, convenient, and increasingly popular. (PracticaleCommerce.com has some great examples to gather ideas from as you build your mobile storefront.)

Don’t Stop Evolving

Regardless of your product or service, there are countless ideas that probably cross your path on a daily basis. With an app creator, you can input and sort your ideas on the go and access them when you are ready to work on a specific project. For example, if you own an online women’s boutique and you’re perusing the mall, you could take pictures of the latest trends, styling ideas or inspiring ways to photograph your products. You may want to note prices, special offers, and incentives that are bringing in the customers. When you are ready to make your next purchase order or have a photo shoot scheduled for the upcoming season, you can scan through your app to get fresh ideas and to brainstorm new possibilities.

“Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning. You always have to think of different ways to spark your creativity. Sometimes going outside of your own industry will help you develop an idea. Consumer behavior and tastes change often and you need to stay ahead of the trends to ensure business survival,” explains Jose Costa in The Huffington Post.

Being an e-commerce entrepreneur is wrought with challenges, but the rewards are only limited by one’s ability to learn, adapt and adjust. E-commerce apps are allowing daring business people to connect with larger audiences and manage their company from anywhere in the world. With such powerful tools available, we are undoubtedly at the beginning stages of mobile commerce.

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