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Nancy Powaga
 |  January 23, 2020

Compared to other sectors, the construction industry has been slow to adopt digital transformation. Many companies fail to move beyond pilot projects and capture the true benefits that next-generation technologies have to offer. 

However, there is a tremendous opportunity for construction companies that can successfully digitalize their operations and move away from manual paper and spreadsheet-based workflows. 

It’s important to realize that there is no single solution for digital construction management. Rather, digital construction management refers to a class of hardware and software technologies that can be used to streamline all areas of operations including scheduling, inventory, project management communication, hiring, on-boarding, and more.  

Let's go over some tips that can help your company embrace digital construction management and enjoy better business outcomes because of it. 

Start with a clear goal

One of the top reasons digital construction projects fail is because teams lack a cohesive and value-driven plan. 

“For a digital transformation to be successful, executives and managers must start with a clear definition of how digital will create value for the business,” a recent report from McKinsey says. “During the transformation, they must spend as much time, if not more, on operational change as they spend on technology. Those that do stand to realize a significant productivity payoff.”

According to McKinsey, productivity gains can increase by as much as 15 percent by implementing digital transformation. 

Assign a dedicated task force

For the best results, assign a team of business champions to oversee digital transformation initiatives. This team should consult with individual department heads and managers to identify opportunities for improvement, experiment with digital solutions, and track progress.

Simply put, creating a digital transformation task force will greatly increase your odds of success. 

Use software strategically

There are many off-the-shelf construction software solutions on the market. However, these programs tend to be very expensive and lack flexibility and customization options. 

Instead of buying software, a growing number of construction companies are choosing to build their own proprietary applications using no-code app development platforms. 

What constructions app might look like

Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits that come with using apps for construction management, let’s take a look at some specific apps to give you a better idea of how you might use them.

Daily reports: Create a list of items that require daily logging and track them in a centralized hub. Check out AppSheet’s sample Daily Reports app.

Safety audits: Never get caught off guard during an audit. Build an app to track, manage, and share safety audit reports. Try AppSheet’s sample Safety Audits app.

Manage inventory: Maintain open lines of communication between your inventory, purchasing, and field managers by using an app. See AppSheet’s Inventory Management app.

For more ideas, check out some additional sample apps. Better yet, jump right in and build your own digital solutions. Get started for free.

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Nancy Powaga

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