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Kate Stone
 |  October 17, 2018

“Something was missing.”

That’s how elan Bailey, Founder and Managing Director of Thrive Learning and Development, describes the first step of her journey with AppSheet.

18 months ago, elan was set to graduate with a master’s degree in Leadership and Organization Development and launch a consulting business. With ten years experience as a coach and facilitator, she knew first hand what got in the way of people operating at their best, and she wanted to help more people and businesses reach the pinnacle of their performance and potential in the workplace. In her words, “help people thrive… not just survive."


                                                                                                                           Courtesy of elan Bailey

Her vision was to create an app to bridge the gap between potential and performance. An app that clients could use to track their goals and commitments, discover emerging growth opportunities and share their learning insights with their coach. But without a coding background, hiring a developer to help would have cost thousands of dollars.

That’s when she discovered AppSheet.

elan created a journaling app for her clients to manage their own learning and growth using the rich experiences they face in their work everyday. They can record their stretch goals and commitments, track their experiences and results in real time, and share the updates with their coach directly from the app. She says, “it helps information in a live coaching call because the client has been sending me brief updates all throughout the week.” When she gets on a call she has much of the context she needs and can use that time to focus on the areas where the client is getting stuck or experiencing a breakthrough.

She built the app by herself… with occasional technical support from the AppSheet team.

“It took me two weeks from the time I found AppSheet, to take what was an idea in my head, and then on a napkin, to actually build the first prototype.”

18 months later, she’s now using the “Thrive” app to help run her business.

elan notes that typically companies will roll out a personal or leadership development program only for the employees they consider to be “high potential.”

The high costs and time requirements associated with hiring professional coaches can make it prohibitive to invest in the development of all employees. Often the employees who could benefit the most from having coaching support are left out of the budget.

The Thrive app provides a cost-effective and sustainable way to bridge the gap between potential and performance. “This really is about everyone being able to take responsibility for their own learning and growth by actually being able to track it for themselves,” says elan. “Businesses who use the app can now challenge and support every employee to lead their own development… without breaking the bank.”

elan thinks her partnership with AppSheet has made a world of difference.

“I built the app entirely on my own with the help of the AppSheet community and that would not have been possible any other way. I would be sitting here 18 months later with nothing but a concept in my head.”

Other small businesses are poised to see similar success with AppSheet. Being able to create an app without hiring an outside developer or keeping one on staff can be a major boost for a company just starting out… and can help more people like elan follow their passions… and thrive.


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Kate Stone

Kate loves telling a great story. She recently moved to Seattle after several years as a local news producer in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's now pursuing a master's degree in Communication, Leadership & Digital Media at the University of Washington while working on AppSheet's content strategy team. In her spare time, she loves exploring the city, teaching herself new digital skills, and working through an extensive list of excellent video games.

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