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Santiago Uribe
March 12, 2018

Discover AppSheet Resources


Did you know there are over 100 YouTube videos, 257 knowledge base articles, and over 3000 monthly comments in the AppSheet community? 

Whether you are just getting started with AppSheet or want to give more power to your apps, we've created this blog post to point you to the best resources to learn more about the platform.

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You are a new app creator

App Design 101. These introductory articles available in our help page (help.appsheet.com) introduce you to the main concepts that power the AppSheet platform. It's a must read for the data-driven app creator!

AppSheet Support Page. The support resources page in your AppSheet account includes a nifty search tool that will include results from sample apps, community posts, how-to apps, and help.appsheet.com

AppSheet YouTube Channel. We have multiple playlists in our YouTube channel. The Getting Started playlist and the How to Make an App series will provide a great overview, tips, and guides.

AppSheet Partners. If you want to hire an AppSheet partner to work closely with you and guide you in the context of the particular apps you are building. You can get started by contacting one from our partners page.

AppSheet community. The AppSheet user community has app creators from all over the world, over 3000 comments are posted per month and answered by community moderators and members of the AppSheet team. This is one of the best places to get quick answers about AppSheet.



You're moving forward and want to gain more skills.

AppSheet Office Hours. A series of live webinars where the team answers questions form the AppSheet community. On average 25 to 30 questions are answered live, including live demos!

Feature Friday. A blog post series that showcases new features and capabilities recently added to the AppSheet platform.

Find and Copy a How-to App. The support resources page in your AppSheet account includes a nifty search tool that will include results from sample apps and how-to apps, which you can copy for free and take a see some of its features are implemented.

AppSheet Partners. If You want to move forward but want a third party to help you with training or even creating and managing your app. Hire an AppSheet Partner



You are an administrator and want to get resources about account management, security, and compliance.

AppSheet Design and Architecture. A walk through of how our platform is designed and how employees in your organization can create apps securely and at a great pace.

AppSheet Security. Download this white paper to learn how AppSheet’s infrastructure, platform, and processes ensure information security and privacy for app creators, users, and organizations.

AppSheet Corporate Plans. AppSheet corporate subscriptions provide more power, services and management resources for AppSheet apps created in your organization.

Service Organization Control Reports. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of AppSheet's SOC 2 reports, please contact us to initiate the request.

Business Associate Agreements. If your applications and data are covered under HIPAA, Business Associate Agreements are required and available to corporate subscribers. Please contact us for more information.







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