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 |  November 30, 2018

Dear App Creator,

Over four years of almost-daily platform updates, we have responded to feature requests and made forward investments in many new AppSheet platform capabilities. The apps built on AppSheet have grown from simple mobile forms to large-scale and mission-critical business applications.

On Monday, December 10, our pricing will change to reflect these platform updates and will immediately apply to all new customers. Customers currently on a paid plan will have 6 months to transition their account. If you are an existing customer on a business subscription plan, these changes will not affect you.

There will be three primary subscription plans:

Premium (secure)

This self-serve plan is for small-scale apps and enables most common app features. It continues to be priced at USD $5/user/month.

Pro (secure)

This self-serve plan is for small-scale apps and enables advanced app features and advanced security. It continues to be priced at USD $10/user/month.

Business Subscriptions

This plan is for larger-scale apps and apps that are critical for a business. These apps will benefit from better performance and reliability in this plan. Additional capabilities fall into various categories: Management, Integrations, AI, Analytics, Collaboration, and Governance. Business subscriptions are managed by our account reps with custom pricing.

 Other Plan Options

In addition to simplifying the available plans, we have made feature adjustments to them (details below). For customers interested in public apps without user sign-in, we will continue to offer the Publisher Pro plan at USD $50/app/month.

Prototype apps and personal apps remain completely free with access to the entire platform and limited to 10 users. We continue to provide a 50% discount for non-profits and educational institutions.

Starting Dec 10th, 2018, we are discontinuing the Standard, Publisher, and Publisher Plus plans for new customers. As an existing customer, we will notify you if changes are needed and then engage with you to make those changes before June 10th 2019.

Why have we discontinued the Standard plan?

The Standard plan is extremely feature-constrained and the apps built with the Standard plan are therefore of low end-user quality. For example, any change made in an app has to be synced immediately and the app will not work offline. We have realized that a good mobile end-user app experience does need greater richness of platform features.

Why have we discontinued the Publisher and Publisher-Plus plans?

The public plans were initially intended for public consumer-facing apps. As a platform however, we have become very focused on business apps and have been unable to provide consumer features like payments, ads, social media integrations, etc. We do recognize that there are still legitimate cases for a business app to be public (for example, an event schedule app, or a product catalog). These use cases usually require significant scale and white-labeling. The existing Publisher Pro plan is therefore a good match.


What are the changes to the Premium, Pro, and Business plans?


Recently added: Calendar views, quick-edit table view, custom actions, and AirTable data source. No longer available in Premium: security filters, advanced workflow actions (webhook and data updates), NFC scanning, and data caching. All of these features will be available in the Pro plan.


Recently added: Smart assistant, secure images, on-device encryption, user roles management.

No longer available in Pro: relational database sources (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc), Salesforce data source, and app version management. These features will be available in Business Subscriptions.

Business Subscriptions

Recently added: enterprise data sources (Redshift, Oracle, On-Premise data support), support for REST API integrations, support for extra add-ons like enhanced security, management, advanced integrations, and more.

Note that all app features can be used in a free prototype app, whatever the current plan. This allows you to see how features will work and determine if they are useful to your scenario.


Feature categories by plan:


A Personal Note:

No decision to change pricing is ever made lightly. That is particularly true in our case. Broad and universal access is fundamental to our mission and our belief system. This is why we have self-serve subscription plans and AppSheet is free for prototypes and for personal use. It is why we continue to add new features to existing plans, and provide customer support to as many people as possible.

All the same, we are keenly aware that the changes announced here will increase costs for some customers. These changes will help us continue to support you effectively, run the AppSheet platform at scale for a growing user base, and continue adding features to give you greater value.

We welcome your feedback, questions, ideas or criticism. You can reach us at sales@appsheet.com.

Praveen Seshadri
CEO AppSheet 

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