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Mary Ludloff
 |  July 18, 2018

Rotarians helping out-1

It’s a tough time to be a nonprofit organization.

Studies suggest the new tax code means as few as 10 percent of taxpayers will continue to itemize. As a result, experts believe charitable donations could decrease about $14 billion this year. That’s 5 percent below where they were in 2016.

So it’s more important than ever for nonprofits to use their resources wisely.

AppSheet can help with that.

Digitization & Mobilization

We do that by providing organizations with tools to help digitize and mobilize their people and processes. Specifically, the AppSheet platform provides a fast and easy way for nonprofits and other organizations to build their own mobile business apps.

That’s important for nonprofits because paper-based systems are inefficient. And keeping records in the form of spreadsheets or Google Forms create data silos. That prevents organizations from having quick access to data and from using that data to inform their decision making.

Also, nonprofits usually have people distributed out in the field with employees and volunteers sometimes working in far-flung locations. So having mobile solutions that can work on- or off-line is a fundamental requirement.

Yet only 8 percent of nonprofits have a digital transformation strategy in place. That’s too bad because, as the same report notes, digital transformation can help nonprofits reach more people; better use their resources; and improve team and process management, and their programs.

Indeed, nonprofits can enjoy an array of benefits by going digital. That includes better data accuracy, the ability to send instant notifications, and offline access to information. Mobile apps also can drive new efficiencies, prevent fraud, and enable organizations to tackle urgent issues more quickly.

Nonprofits Like You

Clearly there are a lot of urgent issues that nonprofits are addressing in the world. That includes immunizing infants in developing countries, providing healthy food to those without access to it, helping with disaster recovery following natural disasters, and preventing food waste.

Several nonprofits that are tackling these important issues today are doing that in concert with AppSheet.

For example, a U.S. nonprofit operating in Nigeria called New Incentives uses AppSheet apps for donation tracking, donor communications, and more.

Brighter Bites, which provides produce and related materials to in-need families, employs AppSheet apps to centralize data about attendance at food distribution events, create reports for donors, allow for more efficient internal department communications, and track produce consumption trends.

La Transformerie leverages AppSheet technology in its efforts to collect last-chance vegetables in groceries and transform them into preserves.

And Rotary International has adopted AppSheet technology to help it coordinate the distribution of relief supplies following natural disasters.

Build Your Own Solutions

That’s just fine for them, you may be thinking, but my nonprofit doesn’t have a lot of money or technical expertise. So perhaps, you reason, it’s better to buy an off-the-shelf solution.

Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, think again. Here’s why.

Anyone can use AppSheet to create a customized business app.

You don’t have to be a developer or have a computer science degree. Our no code platform means folks like you can create apps with just a few clicks. And you can continue to improve on those apps over time.

With AppSheet, you can get your apps up and running in days instead of months or years. And you’re not dependent on your IT team or outside specialists to understand and implement your vision.

You just figure out what you want to do, do it, and change your app as new needs present themselves.

Oh, and one more thing. AppSheet’s solution is affordable. Nonprofits also get a 50 percent discount on the already low price.

Want to see how easy mobile app creation can be with AppSheet? Get started now.

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