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Nancy Powaga
 |  December 10, 2020

The energy industry powers the modern world — literally. And as the use of automation in business grows across the globe, energy leaders are poised to reap some of the biggest benefits. Experts estimate that while intelligent automation can deliver over $800 billion in cost savings and additional productivity to the energy sector, only 18 percent of organizations are using it at an enterprise scale. A lack of technically skilled talent tops the list of reasons why it’s so difficult for the sector to kickstart automation efforts.

Fortunately, there is a better way to bring the power of automation to energy leaders everywhere.

Google Cloud’s AppSheet combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the simplicity and democratizing power of no-code development to give all energy teams — even non-technical employees — the ability to quickly automate existing processes and workflows without writing a single line of code. AppSheet is designed to help energy leaders tap into automation opportunities (with zero coding knowledge) so they can drive further efficiencies across their entire enterprise — from materials transportation and equipment maintenance to outage prediction and disaster response.

Over the next month, we’ll be spotlighting no-code automation use cases by industry — this week’s focus is on energy.

Field work

Whether it’s an oil field, offshore platform, refinery, solar array, or wind farm, field work in the energy industry is a serious and complex undertaking. From optimizing the construction and management of sites to the production and transportation of materials, energy field work requires high-level coordination to effectively manage all the parts, people, and equipment in play across these frequently remote locations.

AppSheet already brings reliable capabilities for field work such as offline sync. Now, with no-code automation, you can increase efficiency in the field and reduce opportunities for human error by putting your data collection, project management, and long-distance employee communications on autopilot. Automate field survey workflows like information capture and approvals, and simplify project management using task assignments and status indicators that automatically notify key stakeholders so your field work gets done right, faster.

AppSheet even provides a Field Survey sample app and a Project Management sample app that you can copy, customize, and start using in your field operations right now.

Materials transportation and tracking

Supply chains in the energy industry are extremely complex, with the transportation of many materials requiring unique safety, quality, and regulatory specifications. That’s why energy businesses need a way to manage and track every truck, pipeline, and worker involved in the process to ensure these critical materials get to where they need to go, on time.

With no-code automation, you can simplify this massive process using powerful tools that increase the transparency and efficiency of your materials transportation. AppSheet’s no-code development platform enables any employee to build custom apps that feature GPS tracking and barcode or QR code scanning to improve the speed and accuracy of transportation operations — automatically classifying and reporting the data back to a centralized location where it can be accessed by every user who needs it.

AppSheet even provides a Location Tracker sample app and Barcode Scanner sample app that you can copy, customize, and start using in your transportation operations right now.

Equipment maintenance

The energy industry relies on enormous ecosystems of equipment to power the world. These equipment assets are expensive and mission-critical, and represent enormous capital investments to acquire, operate, and maintain. With so many different types of equipment in use, making sure employees know the proper procedures to safely and accurately inspect and maintain them is crucial.

With no-code automation, you can create seamless maintenance and inspection processes to keep your equipment up and running. Track and train your employees on the correct protective apparel, safety training, procedures, and inspection techniques across all your locations and automatically record and report this data for easy management. And with Internet of Things-enabled equipment, AppSheet can even tell you when certain equipment is due for maintenance or may need urgent repair. This helps eliminate maintenance blind spots and reduces the potential for human error so your workers can get the job done right and keep your equipment functioning properly across your entire enterprise.

AppSheet even provides an Equipment Inspection sample app that you can copy, customize, and start using in your maintenance operations right now.

Disaster response

In the event of a disaster, energy companies play a pivotal role in restoring critical services to the hardest-hit areas. That’s why effectively managing the logistics of dispatching work crews and ensuring the safety of your responding employees is so important.

Fortunately, no-code automation can help you accelerate your response time and guarantee your crew’s safety by quickly creating custom no-code apps. Assign and dispatch your drivers with Google Maps integrations that automatically calculate and share the fastest routes and share real-time location information back to headquarters. Quickly identify the need for emergency response materials like personal protective equipment (PPE) and check it against your available inventory and each crew’s individual supply. AppSheet lets you do it all so you can help disaster-hit areas get back to normal faster.

AppSheet even provides a Driver Dispatch sample app and Emergency Management sample app that you can copy, customize, and start using in your disaster response operations right now.

Incident reporting

When you least expect it, a safety incident can turn a normal day on the job into an emergency situation — one that requires an immediate response from management. That’s why it’s so important for energy leaders to have a fast, reliable, automatic system in place for producing and submitting incident reports.

With no-code automation, you can easily create dedicated reporting apps that put your incident reporting on autopilot. AppSheet’s no-code development platform makes it easy to include forms and fields for employees to share incident data, schedule interviews with involved parties, collect evidence like photos and documents, and quickly submit accurate reports and request signatures via SMS and email — no coding experience necessary.

By establishing an automatic, formalized process for incident reporting, AppSheet can help your team work safer and faster.

AppSheet even provides an Incident Reporting sample app that you can copy, customize, and start using in your field operations right now.

* * *

With Google Cloud’s AppSheet, energy leaders and employees everywhere can automate their most mission-critical business processes with zero coding skills and technical background. Getting started with AppSheet’s no-code development platform couldn’t be easier, so start your business’s digital transformation today!

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