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Santiago Uribe
April 12, 2017

New Features of the Week - April 11


Yes, that is some blue sky in between the clouds! Progress!

While we speculate on the existence of Spring, we released a few goodies for your apps. If you are in the waiting list for dynamic views. Then today is your lucky day!

Feature updates for April 12, 2017

  • Dynamically, show/hide views based on data
  • Show data from two columns in the same map
  • Is your app running a little slow? Check its Performance Profile to track down potential issues
  • Apply Show_IF conditions when capturing and displaying data
  • And more!

Continue reading to learn more

Dynamically show views:


If you want to show/hide specific views in your app based on a condition, like user email or particular roles, you can use the Show_IF option in views to refine how they are displayed in the app.

Show data from two columns in maps:


The map view now supports an additional map column, which can come from a different table than the primary map column. For now only two columns per map are supported, but we expect to continue extending this to support additional columns and display options going forward. Both columns can be customized (icon and color) using formatting rules.


Performance profile: 


If you have an app with many tables, with a lot of data, or with complex virtual column expressions, you might find that Sync takes a while. We now record a performance profile trace for each sync request.

You can see this information via the Manage > Monitor pane in the app editor.

Global Show_IF:


Show_IF is a powerful option when you want to skip questions in a form. We've added the capability to also hide/show columns in all other views following the same Show)IF logic. Right now it's a global setting but we'll soon update the feature to allow both global and detailes Show_IF settings per column. 

Minor updates:

  • Track down which view and Data source you are looking: An indicator of which table and which view you are looking at is available under the app in the editor, making it easier to edit column structure and specific views. 
  • We added a search bar in the editor:  So you can find the view, formatting rule, action, or workflow rule you need faster. 
  • Better suggestions: We are adding more suggestions in your app for workflows, tables, views, and charts. 
  • Display Name Expressions: You can now use expressions to personalize most options in your app. Great for multiple language support. 

See you in the community! Stay tuned to Features, Tips & Webinars for more new features and tips of making powerful apps.

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