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Mary Ludloff
June 18, 2018

KLB Construction: How Apps Make Digital Transformation a Reality



The construction sector has a number of distinct challenges as each project is complex and unique. There are lots of things to keep track of: juggling workers, subcontractors, schedules, logistics, and equipment while adhering to a myriad of regulations and more. Keeping all that information on spreadsheets or other "kinds" of paper is a recipe for missed deadlines and delayed projects which translates to higher costs and lower productivity. 

Of course, the path to digital transformation is never easy. But in order to survive and thrive, it is a necessity. What is the most important decision a construction company must make as it pursues its digital future? Buy an off-the-shelf solution or build it yourself.

On the surface, buy might seem the obvious solution. But it can be a pricey endeavor since a construction company’s work flow and processes are as unique as the job sites they work on. More often than not, out-of-the-box solutions must be customized to meet specific requirements.

Today, decisions to build are on the upswing as a number of vendors offering low- or no-code app development platforms have significantly reduced development and support costs. Many companies are standardizing on an app development platform, creating the apps they need in-house or through limited consulting engagements. The costs are typically much lower (approximately 20 percent compared to out-of-box solutions) as is the time-to-full-deployment (two months compared to eight to twelve months).

Many companies in the construction sector have committed to digitization. Their efforts have resulted in higher productivity, lower costs and schedule overruns, and safer work environments. One such example is Washington-based KLB Construction.

Within months KLB’s data was centralized and manual processes automated by a series of apps they built themselves using AppSheet's no code development platform. Today, KLB is at the forefront of leveraging technology to not only manage and enforce safety guidelines and regulations, but to digitize workflow and processes. To learn more about KLB’s journey, download the case study. In it, you’ll discover:

  • Whether selecting off-the-shelf solutions or creating custom apps is the right direction for you.
  • How AppSheet's app development platform makes app creation fast and easy.
  • How an "easier than paper" focus can significantly increase user adoption.

 Get the KLB Construction Case Study 

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