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Julia Guthrie
 |  September 29, 2016

If you’ve ever ridden a jet ski, snowmobile, or any other recreational vehicle, you were probably having too much fun to think about all of the people and planning that were involved in its production.

At Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) in Quebec, Canada, it’s Stephan Ouellet’s job to address safety and compliance concerns so fun seekers don’t have to.

As the Fire Prevention Coordinator and part of the Compliances Technical Services team, he’s responsible for inspections and making sure tasks run smoothly to ensure the highest level of safety for the company’s products.

Most of the processes Stephan oversees were previously being carried out via paper forms, a method that presented several logistical problems. First, all of the information had to be recorded and then later inputted to a database, creating opportunities for human error. Next, internal requests couldn’t be made electronically and therefore tasks couldn’t be quickly and efficiently delegated among many employees. And of course, everyone had to keep track of multiple stacks of papers at any given time.


When Stephan discovered AppSheet, he found he could easily connect his Google sheets to the platform to create a mobile app that could replace his paper forms. From there created more apps to manage inspections and tasks. Now, most of his team’s processes have been augmented by mobile apps he has made with AppSheet.

He loves that AppSheet allows him to “create applications that compete with software like SAP.”

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Julia Guthrie

Julia is Marketing and Communications Manager at AppSheet. She loves the creative and eclectic. She’s held various marketing roles, plus other wacky jobs like suicide hotline operator, shoe designer, and dead animal removal business owner. Julia can usually be found hanging with her cats, crafting, and watching Seinfeld.

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