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Sonal Amin
April 07, 2016

How to Reduce Construction Costs Using Mobile Apps


Those of you who have dealt with a construction project of any sort know the grueling task of keeping budgets and line items straight. Many times these costs can get out of hand and backtracking isn't always an easy (or an advisable!) feat. Smartphones and mobile apps enable you to access real-time information and save costs, no matter how big or small your project is. 

Here are some tips on how mobile apps can help you stay within your construction project budgets

Do your research

Scoping out property that fits your budget and needs is the biggest and most arduous task. Mobile apps make this process easier by allowing you to easily plug in location information and details of the property, and even highlight pros and cons of each site. Make informed decisions by doing all of your research and comparing options in one place.

Stay organized

Forget about chasing down paperwork, equipment details, and other cumbersome information. With mobile apps you can manage your inventory, create interactive timesheets, capture real-time information on-site, and enhance communication between all employees. Communicating with field workers and getting the latest information becomes seamless, processes that normally would take several weeks to complete are automated with a few clicks, and generating reports is no longer manual and tedious. Simplifying your workflow with apps give you an edge and ensures your results are produced quickly and efficiently.

Create a cost analysis

Some of the biggest costs in construction can come from overlooking the small things. Construction materials, finishes, and other details drive up costs as many people don't dive into a thorough analysis of every element. With mobile apps, you can log these details, along with real-time expenses, and ensure that you are meeting your numbers at all times. You can also visualize all of this data and create reports for your team, clients, buyers, and more. 

Take matters into your own hands

In construction, DIY is often the way to go - whether that be painting, installing new cabinets, or even designing the layout of a commercial building. Planning and carrying out projects on your own often saves a good chunk of money and ensures things are done the way you'd like. This is no different for building an app. A custom app is essential for driving down costs of your construction business, and having the ability to make one yourself with the click of a button is truly invaluable. When you're done with the app, you can customize it for another project - all without the cost, time, and frustration associated with traditional mobile app development. See how others in construction are using apps they've built to save costs. 

Try AppSheet for free and build your own apps today. Be sure to also check out our sample gallery for ideas on construction apps. 

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