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Mary Ludloff
 |  May 16, 2018

Managing Disaster Recovery Efforts: Rotary International Creates an App for That

Rotary hurrican stock

When disaster struck the Caribbean in the fall of 2017, Rotary International District 7020 and its clubs stepped in immediately to help coordinate relief efforts. But managing resources during times of uncertainty and chaos is extraordinarily challenging. To help create structure so that they could manage, process and organize recovery projects and resources, the Rotary worked with AppSheet to create apps that their members could use easily—from anywhere—to communicate and coordinate the distribution of immediate relief supplies of emergency shelter, water, food and clothing as well as coordinate other much needed and longer-term recovery projects for affected communities on different islands.

Normally this kind of business software development effort takes months or even years, but by building apps on the AppSheet platform, the Rotary’s apps were up and running in just two days and helping to coordinate Rotary’s response.

“Using AppSheet, we were able to design and launch a full end-to-end app in just two days. When we decided that it made more sense to have two versions of our app, it took us less than an hour to deploy the second one. And now, we can make changes to either app immediately to accommodate new features or improve the user experience in a well-managed deployment. Altogether, it’s a fantastic platform — and perfect for any civic organization that is looking to improve information management and resource distribution,” says Michael Terrelonge, Rotary International 7020.


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