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Christine Kern
October 13, 2016

How Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Construction Site Productivity


Adopting  mobile apps like a construction calculator can help boost productivity and optimize construction jobsites. Providing increased efficiency, freedom and flexibility to complete the tasks at hand, and enhanced project communication and collaboration, mobile tools have real benefits for businesses.

Many contractors are using (or building their own) apps for project management. One benefit of project management mobile apps is reducing the amount of paper needed on a job - especially drawings. Plus, the ability for multiple people on the jobsite and in the office to access important and updated project info is a huge benefit. Custom mobile app platforms like AppSheet can help your business create a custom app to meet all of your jobsite needs.

Making the most of each contract is a huge responsibility for a contractor and cutting costs and bidding on the reduced number of projects is the new norm. To stay competitive in the industry, construction companies are increasingly using mobile devices and enterprise mobility to increase productivity on a limited budget.

Many existing processes can be automated and provide important information for everyone involved on a construction project. Applications can be designed to track progress of projects to help save time and increase efficiency.

Here are some ways mobile apps can help your construction company stay productive and agile in today’s volatile market:

1. Loss Prevention

Theft is a common problem on construction sites, particularly of valuable materials like tools, copper, and aluminum. Using RFID devices to track assets via mobile apps can help recover missing or stolen articles, while mobile surveillance can help reduce job site theft and increase employee productivity, especially at remote sites.

2. Payroll

Using mobile apps to file times sheets and process payroll can help boost efficiency, since workers can clock in on their mobile devices and report to work immediately on their mobile devices. GPS tracking and biometrics capabilities can also help reduce time fraud. And real-time information can be immediately processed via mobile apps, reducing response time and increasing efficiency.

One example of this type of app is SurePayroll, which allows employees to access paychecks and other payroll details at their own convenience, and allows employers to access their payrolls even on the go. Whether it’s paying regular employees or independent contractors, employers can enter payroll, preview, and submit payroll at the touch of a button.

3. Project Management and Collaboration

Mobile apps can connect the various parties involved in any construction project, from architects to engineers to project managers. Mobile apps and devices can help actively manage activities, employees, information, and processes associated with a given project and even control scheduling. Mobile apps allow project managers to download blueprints, sync information in real-time, and communicate with the job site.  

One popular app for project management  is the Photo Measures App, which allows users to measure dimensions captured in photos. It has a user-friendly interface, and users can quickly record and save measurement on a frequent basis.

Another app that helps reduce planning time and boost efficiency in construction projects is Plan Grid, which allows project managers to easily share plans, markups, photos, and reports with the entire project team from anywhere. PlanGrid can be used with or without an internet connection during construction to track revisions, document progress, and manage issues in the field while keeping everyone on the current set.

Mobile Apps Reduce Constructions Costs

The construction industry has been seriously challenged by rising costs and declining opportunities, placing increasing pressure on companies to make their processes more cost and time efficient. 

According to Go Canvas, statistics show that 50 percent of a worker’s time while on the clock is devoted to wasteful activity caused by poor communication, inadequate management, or overstaffing. Meanwhile, construction companies are losing some $6.9 billion in inefficient processes among operations and maintenance staff, and $1.7 billion to outdated communications like paper forms. And large construction companies can waste some $3.5 million searching for information or recreating documents they couldn’t find.

AppSheet can help you customize apps to boost your construction jobsite productivity and efficiency. Try Site Scout, an app for construction site inspections with GPS and images, that allows users to capture inspection information for specific sites.  Built with Google Sheets and AppSheet, the app automatically captures GPS locations, collections images, and allows customization of the collected data.

Quote Calculator enables contractors to calculate payment owed based on services rendered, and is a useful tool to quickly and easily calculate costs of services. The app allows users to input numerical data in to the app, calculate and display the results, and save the entry for future recall.

Repair Manual is a useful app for any business that needs to provide an instruction manual to employees or customers. This app has step-by-step instructions for repairing dry-wall, with helpful images that demonstrate each step clearly.

And when it comes to tracking employee hours and wages, try AppSheet’s  Timesheet.  This convenient app easily tracks log times in and out to compute hours and calculate total wages, providing all necessary information for accounting or human resources departments. This app uses information capture via forms, app formulas, virtual columns, references, and image display.

Let AppSheet help you raise the roof on your construction job site with custom mobile apps.

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