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 |  September 13, 2017


Nowadays, everyone is a busy bee with lots of activities, tasks, and events to keep track of. To keep on track, we leave countless sticky note reminders on our laptop, books, desk… pretty much everywhere. Our phone is filled with reminder notes and daily tasks are piling up in our calendar. Yet, we still tend to forget things.

Reminders are often ignored as we’re too busy working or studying. For example, we get a reminder notification on our phone. We swipe right on the notifications and hide it because we’re in a meeting. The tasks in our calendar that we intended to finish after class remain “undone” because we had to catch the early bus. They, too, live in the abyss of forgotten things.

What can you do to get all these activities and tasks completed? Why not make your own personal app! Build an app that reminds you of uncompleted tasks at the end of each day. You might be thinking, “I don’t have time for that! Building an app could take weeks and months!”

Would it surprise you to know that building an app takes only ten minutes? Yep, ten minutes. Just follow this brief tutorial on building your own personal “smart” to-do list apps with SMS reminders sent right to your phone.

Set your timer to ten minutes. Walk through the slides below and your app will be completed before the timer goes off. I’m not kidding! You might even beat my record.

When you’re finished, tweet @appsheet and tell us how long it took you to build your app with #MadeAppUnderTenMinutes. Stay tuned to Features, Tips & Webinars for more new features and tips of making powerful apps.

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