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Santiago Uribe
August 25, 2017

Feature Friday: Meta Features Week


Welcome to Feature Friday!

We survived the eclipse! It seems so long ago but it's only been five days and in that time we've presented a summary of recent and useful mobile app features that we've introduced this year and we started alpha testing of our new teams feature. Continue reading to learn more!

Soon: My Team

Many of our app creators who work with larger teams and organizations have asked for a way to find, collaborate and share apps with creators from the same organization. So far we have enabled the option to make any app public by sharing it in your personal portfolio. Now we are adding a way to share apps internally so other app creators can benefit from the app goodness that you've created. We are happy to introduce My Team. This feature is available to all app creators with a non-public domain where you can opt-in, see other app creators in your organization, or share apps to other app creators. 

We want you to help us shape how would My Team work best so your feedback will be key to shape the product. 


My Team will be added to your account within the next 8 weeks. 

Discover Sample Apps from Excel Spreadsheets

Deep Dive Webinar. Features Galore!

I had a chance to seat with Adam, Sopheak, and Gwen during our last webinar and share multiple features that you can use now to improve your apps. The conversation is feature and question packed. You don't want to miss it!

Deep Dive Webinar 8.24.2017.jpg

Here's what we covered in the webinar:

1. Actions | 3:48
2. Reporting | 29:15
3. Secure Apps | 38:14
4. Personalized Experiences | 45:18
5. Scale | 49:28

What's cooking for next week? We'll soon release more details on updates to location functionality and better ways to capture images and drawings. Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog!

See you next week!

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