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Santiago Uribe
September 22, 2017

Feature Friday: Notify Us All

Welcome back to Feature Friday for September 22nd. And without further ado, we are happy to announce the release of the Android push notifications engine and soon to be released on iOS as well. 

Push notifications are integrated at the app level so you can broadcast key notifications to your app users and are also available as automatic notifications via workflow rules.

Continue reading to learn more.


Push Notifications (Android) 

Send push notifications to Android devices in the most recent version of AppSheet's Android app.

What does this mean? 

You can use the new Broadcast Notification feature to send notifications to all signed-in app users. You may want to notify users of a new app feature, or request users to check in. If you want to narrow down the set of users to send notifications, use Workflow rules and apply specific conditions to trigger a notification message.

Broadcast Notifications-1.gif

Broadcast messages to your signed-in users or create automated workflows with push notifications. Remember, your app users must accept incoming notifications from AppSheet to receive your messages.


Push notifications are only available on the Android AppSheet App. It's not currently available for white-labeled apps or iOS devices. 


Bonus: Simpler Deep Links

We've added a set of formulas that make it simpler to create deep links to your apps. You may want to create links to load an app, to load a specific view in an app, or go to a specific row from a particular view.

These are the expressions:




And if you want to link directly to a form view, you can use LINKTOFORM()

More details here and here

Bonus: Compare two lists

Let's say you have a table with a list of rooms and a table where people can reserve a room. You want to make sure that when the app user selects a room, that the room hasn't been reserved and you don't want to make it available. With new expressions for lists you can subtract the list of rooms already reserved from the master list of rooms, this only showing available rooms in the dropdown to select a new reservation. 

Learn more


See you next week!

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