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Santiago Uribe
September 15, 2017

Feature Friday: The Logical Song

Welcome back to Feature Friday. We packed it this week with updates to how AppSheet works with formulas and your data to enhance the app user experience.

Check out how to re-organize the columns for your forms, a nice addition to the expression builder that translates formulas into readable text, and a cool beta feature that lets you annotate on images!


Change the column order in a slice

You can now re-organize the order of questions in a form without having to change the columns in your data. 

What does this mean? 

If you want to display a form in a particular way, but want the data in your tables intact, create a slice for that table, you'll notice that the list of columns is now available for you to re-organize, add, and delete. Then create a form view for the slice, ensuring that the form follows the order of the columns in the slice.


This also means you can create multiple slices and have specific forms from it that you can then conditionally show based on the user!

Try out the updated slices in Data > Slices 

Annotate on Images (Beta)

If you are working with inspections, construction projects, or engineering, you've been asking for this feature for a while. As part of upcoming enhancements to data capture, we've enabled the ability to draw on top of images in AppSheet. Check the video below to learn more about it! 




To draw on an image you need two columns:

1. The column of image type

2. A column of drawing type. 

With the two columns set up, you need to go to the column with drawing type and provide an Initial Value equal to the name of the image type column (remember, always wrap column names in brackets). If your using an image form the web or from another source, then you only need the drawing type column and add the URL of the image as the initial value. 

Change the details of each column in Data > Columns

Editor Updates: Expressions in English

One of our goals is to simplify how you define the behavior of your app and make app creation even more accessible. Right now, you express the behavior of your app by writing... expressions. Those formulas let you do things like showing a view, hiding a question, automatically send an email notification, etc. Sometimes the expressions get a bit complex, and to help you navigate the formula, we added a simple translation snippet to the Expression Builder that shows an English description of the formula:

Expression Tanslator.png

 Expect more updates to the feature... you can imagine where we want to take this. We'd love your feedback on these translations so please send your comments in community.appsheet.com


See you next week!

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