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Santiago Uribe
October 13, 2017

Feature Friday: Sliders, Mapping, and Workflows

Welcome back to Feature Friday. This week we're sharing feature updates to forms, a new column type that will get many App Creators in construction and engineering very happy and a recent update to workflows that gives extra power to your apps.  


Add your custom image as a map.The XY Column type is a location column where you indicate the image URL you want to display as a map view. The Map view type let's you navigate location items in your tables, to do this you need a location type column like Address or LatLong, and now XY. We use the Google Maps engine to render a map and place the location in it.

The mapping functionality lets you add new items on the map by dropping a pin or editing a location inside a form. 

Change column types in DATA > COLUMNS in the AppSheet Editor

XY Column.png


Sliders make it easier to enter a number in a form. It replaces a simple text entry with a... slider where the user can select a number by dragging left or right. If the user taps to the side of the control, a single increment is applied to the bar. 

You can activate the slider by changing the NumberDisplayMode option in the column definition.


It's possible to set the step value, maximum and minimum values in the column definition as well. Making sure the app users enter data within the range you define. 

Additional actions in Workflows: 

We've added a new action in Workflow rules, you can now change data automatically when the workflow triggers. 

So far, we had Email, Push Notifications, SMS, and Webhook actions in workflows, but many users wanted to also change data automatically by creating an allowed action that's triggered when the workflow's condition is met.  

Data Change.png

To use a Data Change action, you need to create an action in BEHAVIOR > ACTIONS first to do a data change first. If the action is available to run in the workflow, it will be shown as an option in the workflow rule. 

Workflows are available in BEHAVIOR > WORKFLOW

Bonus: Major updates to Forms forthcoming.

If you have forms with multiple pages or apps with multiple tables and wanted to create dependent items within a form without having to first save the main entry. You'll want to check out our future Feature Fridays. Subscribe to the blog!

Also, do you use NOT(ISBLANK()) a lot? You may use this to trigger a workflow, filter or other condition based on a field having any value written in it... Well, our fearless leader got tired of seeing so many nested conditions for NOT and ISBLANK so he came up with ISNOTBLANK() Simply write the column name or expression that points to a column in the parentheses and behappy :) 

See you next week!


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