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Santiago Uribe
 |  November 10, 2017

Welcome back to Feature Friday. We had a pretty active week, tons of new features, performance updates and refinements in the AppSheet platform. We collected the top 10 that we believe you should be aware of. Which one do you like best? Leave a comment here!

1. Page guides in forms.

Form page guide.png

If you have a form that uses multiple pages, you can turn on the ability to display a navigation guide in the form itself. Activate the feature in UX > Views > Form view > Page Style = Page count.

2. Use BEFORE and AFTER values in change workflows.

When a change workflow runs in your app, there are two versions of the row being updated, the status BEFORE the workflow is triggered and the status AFTER it runs. You can now use those two values in your workflow rules to better customize how they run.

Use the expression [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Column Name] or [_THISROW_AFTER].[Column Name] to get the values for any change workflow you need.

Because these expressions are mostly useful in Change workflows, you shouldn't use it in scheduled workflows or in change workflows for adds and deletes. 

3. Set policies on multiple AppSheet accounts.

If you are in an AppSheet corporate plan and want to manage how other people create and share app in your organization you can now set policies for the team, so people create apps with the limitations that you set. For example, you can require that all apps created under your group to be secured with sign-in, or never let apps to be published if they allow users to delete rows.

policy error.png

If you want to learn more about corporate plans, connect with us!

4. Slideshow view is now called Detail view.

In UX > Views. You can define the basic data capture and data display behavior of a record. The Form view lets you define the basic form functionality. The Slideshow view would let you define the data display. To make it clearer for app creators, we changed the view name to Details

5. Detail view now has a Slideshow mode!

The name change started to open new possibilities. Maybe you don't want people navigating from record to record in your app.In that case you can turn-off Slideshow mode. It's on by default, turn it off if you want people to always go back to the previous view.

6. Send workflow PDFs directly to Google Drive.

If you have a workflow rule that generates a PDF attachment in an email, you can now also archive it in your Google Drive if this is necessary for record keeping.

archive as pdf.png

7. Lock Signature Input

We've made it easier to navigate in forms that have a signature input. If the signature input is locked (usually locked after capturing the signature) then you can scroll through the form by tapping over the signature as well. 

8. Interactive Dashboard updates.

In interactive dashboard views, if you select a row in one view and then change something in another view that hides that row, that row will get deselected. This will make the use of interactive dashboards a bit smoother. 

9. Progress column type now uses theme colors.

This one is for all the project managers using AppSheet apps. The project progress column type displays a Harvey Ball which get's filled out based on a selection from empty to full. The progress column will now be shown using the theme colors of the app. Nice!

10. User Settings refresh.

Not a new feature but we just published a quick video explaining how to use USER SETTINGS to personalize the app for each user. Check it out!




See you next week!


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Santiago Uribe

Santiago is the VP of Product at AppSheet. He is a relentless customer advocate. He loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption. Prior to AppSheet, Santiago worked at Microsoft, got an MBA from CMU and worked in international trade development in New York and Bogota, Colombia.

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