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Santiago Uribe
December 04, 2016

New Features of the Week: Quick actions, inline edit, and editor upgrades

You'll love the new features we're launching, and your app users will love them even more!

The engineering team has been busy updating the AppSheet platform with new features for December. We are introducing updates to the editor, data capture, data sources. Continue reading to learn more.

Actions: Quickly change records with one tap.

Quick Actions.png

Quick actions are buttons that will automatically trigger a change in the record. Now your app users don't need to edit a full record to do actions like "Mark as Complete", "Send to Office", "Approve", and any data driven option you can solve with a single tap.

Actions are available in the Data tab, you can learn more about it here.

Inline Edit: Modify any field directly from a slide show view.

Similar to Quick actions, you'll soon be able to mark any column in a record to enable inline edit, so app users can change a value without opening the record to edit it. While actions are buttons at the top of the record, inline edit let's you change a column value in the record itself.

Editor Updates: Understand your tables and how they relate.

We are starting to roll out an improved visualization of your app's tables. This will help you see how tables are related between each other and quickly move back and forth between column structures. This feature is being released by stages so expect to see this editor update during the month of December.

Additionally to the data visualization tools, you already have access to an improved UX Tab with improved format rules and branding. 

As always, please let us know what you think about the new features in the AppSheet User Community or on Twitter!



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