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Jennifer Cadence
 |  April 24, 2020

Welcome back to AppSheet’s Feature Friday where we showcase our favorite features. This quick guide will help you build your apps faster so you can focus on what matters. 

With the rapid changes in the world around us at this time, we hope everyone is staying safe and sound. For more information regarding AppSheet’s COVID-19 support efforts, please visit our COVID-19 resource page

Closeup businesswoman hands holding white card sign with you are unique text message isolated on grey wall office background. Retro instagram style imageUniversally Unique Identifiers (UUID)  

In this week’s office hours we showcased the recently released UUID.  Previously, Creators could expect to receive a randomly generated, eight character unique ID if the UNIQUEID() expression had been invoked. With this recent release, this expression can be expanded upon to incorporate a longer identifying sequence. 

Both UNIQUEID expressions are suitable for those building their applications on AppSheet. Those that work with SQL databases, however, may find that the UUID addition is a better fit for their needs. 

SmartSheet report data source

Great news- we’ve increased our SmartSheet capabilities! Previously, only SmartSheet Sheets were supported by AppSheet tables. Our recent update allows AppSheet tables to support both SmartSheet Sheets and SmartSheet Row Reports. 

This change enables creators to display, update and delete row data contained in a Row Report through an AppSheet table. In addition, AppSheet applications also permit the same SmartSheet Sheet to be included both directly as an AppSheet table based on that sheet and indirectly through an AppSheet table based on a SmartSheet Row report that contains that sheet. 

Working with Forms 

Some of the most popular use cases for AppSheet application development are inspections and field service work. Forms, one of our UX View types, are an important feature in the creation of these applications. This functionality can range from a basic, single page format to a more advanced, customizable form. We could tell you about how this feature works, but we’d rather show you. Check out the below sample app to explore some of the capabilities of this important feature.

How will you use these features in what you’re creating? Stop by the AppSheet community and let us know!

Stay safe and happy app building!

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