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September 28, 2018

Feature Friday: Pull To Sync & New Expressions


Feature of the Week: Pull to Sync

Syncing data in AppSheet apps traditionally occurs when the 'Sync' menu button is pressed, or occurs in the background after a change has been made.

Now, by 'pulling' your view downward on touch-screen devices, you'll notice a new, quick syncing method for ensuring you have the latest data in your app.

Pull to Sync Final

This new sync method helps make your app functionality more familiar to most app users with modern devices, and reduces the chance your users are interacting with outdated information. This feature is in the process of being rolled out to app creators - try it out in any of your apps soon, and let your users know!


You may be familiar with using the INDEX() expression in Excel or Google Sheets - and you may have been waiting for it to appear in AppSheet... It's officially now available as a new expression in the AppSheet Editor to help find specific items contained within any of your lists!

Read more about using INDEX() in your app.

SPLIT() Text Expression

SPLIT() is a new text expression added to the AppSheet Editor that returns a list of fragments of text between specified separators, providing similar functionality that's found in Excel and Google Sheets.

For example, SPLIT("Red:Yellow:Green", ":") returns a list containing the values Red, Yellow, and Green. Or, say you have a list of email addresses from recently added contacts - using SPLIT(), you can automatically extract just the email domain name, by splitting at the '@'.

Learn more about Text Expressions & SPLIT()

Have you used any of these features yet? We're interested to hear your thoughts! Add your comments below or join the App Creator Community and collaborate with other app creators.


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