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Santiago Uribe
August 18, 2017

Feature Friday: Total Eclipse of the App


Welcome to Feature Friday! Since it's 3 days before a total eclipse that will pass through all of the United States, we thought it would be fun to title this post a Total Eclipse of the App. Our office is in Seattle so we're not in the totality path but it's predicted that 92% of the sun will be covered by the moon in our area. We may miss the complete darkness but we are definitely ready for the eclipse with new AppSheet features to share!

Updates to the Editor

We've been rearranging items in the App Editor. The main reason for those updates is to make it easier to create richer apps in the platform. For example, we added security filter options directly in the Tables tab. We also reduced the vertical space it takes for the main tabs in the editor (Info, Data, UX, etc). 

We also moved the share and deployment options to the top left of the editor

This will allow us to add more options to  each main tab. We'd love to get your feedback, so please share in the comments or at community.appsheet.com


Tips and Tutorials

If you are an AppSheet Champion and want to get more people in your organization working with AppSheet, we've added a tutorial that guides you through building a sample app inside of the editor. New app creators will now be given the option to take the tutorial–we hope that this makes it easier for new app creators to get up to speed on app creation.

We'll be adding more tutorial content in the editor and would love to hear your thoughts on what kinds of information or features and functions you'd like us to cover. So please leave a comment below!


What's cooking for next week? We've got some goodies to share, so expect news around Teams, Image capture, and maps.

See you next week and for our US-based App Creators, have fun during the eclipse!


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