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 |  September 14, 2018

Feature of the Week: Assistant View

We're excited to announce the new AppSheet Assistant View (Beta), empowering users to interact with your app with conversational commands or questions, similar to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Assistant View Cropped

Particularly valuable for mobile users interested in hands-free options, verbal commands can be used to quickly display app views, pull specific records, or initiate commands.

Learn More About the Assistant View 

Microsoft Word Template Support

Two of the most powerful functionalities of the AppSheet platform are Workflows and Reports.

We are happy to announce the ability to add Microsoft Word documents as templates for automated email or PDFs generated by your app. 


Creating templates with Microsoft Word works the same way as with Google Docs. Simply create a Word document template and add it to your workflow or report. Just make sure the template file is available in the cloud drive of choice and select it when you create a new workflow rule or report. 

Learn More About Word Templates

Team Drive Data Source Support

If your organization uses G Suite by Google, your 'Team Drive' is a centralized shared space for storing and accessing documents shared by all users.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.37.45 PM

Unlike files stored in 'My Drive', no individual users maintains ownership of Docs or Sheets stored in your Team Drive, so that even as your users come and go, everybody retains access to consistent data.

Storing your AppSheet app data sources in your Team Drive is particularly valuable, ensuring more reliable data access for collaborating app creators, and reduced chance that app data sources will be moved or misplaced over time. Visit 'My Apps' to start building from data stored in your Team Drive today.

On-Premise Database Support

We are proud to announce on-premise database support for AppSheet app data sources. If your organization has any supported database hosted on-premise and you want to create AppSheet apps connected to those sources, we are launching capabilities in our business subscription to do just that. To learn more, stay tuned for release details next week, and contact us to learn more.

Oracle SQL Support

Create apps from Oracle databases that are hosted in Oracle Cloud, Amazon RDS, or other cloud-hosting provider that supports Oracle. Once the database connection is added in My Account > Sources you can add tables from Oracle to your apps.

To learn more about using your cloud-based or on-premise Oracle database as a data source for your app, contact us.


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