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Julia Guthrie
May 06, 2016

Farming, Tourism, and Technology: How Mobile Apps Can Promote Agritourism in Your Area


With growing public awareness and interest in food supply and production, people around the world are taking part in an interesting trend that marries tourism and agriculture-- fittingly known as “agritourism.”

It’s not exactly a new concept. If you’ve ever visited a pumpkin patch in the fall you’ve participated in a form of agritourism. Same goes for wine tasting or shopping at farmer’s markets.

But the agritourism industry has seen a huge uptick in participation in recent years. Not only is society as a whole becoming more conscious about sustainable environmental practices-- and therefore demanding to know where and how their food is produced-- but agritourism also provides rich opportunities to connect with nature and the food system, enriching knowledge about crop production and humane animal treatment. Naturally, tourists are increasingly looking toward activities that don’t involve traffic and massive crowds.

Still, because these kinds of venues are typically located in rural areas, they often find it difficult to market themselves to potential visitors. While the world is turning more and more toward automation and high-tech, technology in agriculture has been understandably somewhat slow to adapt. In order to access these would-be patrons, agricultural attractions need to key into the kinds of technology and devices tourists around the world are utilizing to discover new destinations and plan their vacations.

Mobile apps are a great way to reach potential customers. While most small agricultural operations might not be able to afford the cost of traditional mobile app development, there are many options they can harness to create mobile tools for their visitors with low cost and investment. Custom app builders are a great place to start.

At AppSheet we built a sample app a tourism board might use to showcase agricultural attractions around Washington State, including wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, accommodations, farms, and more.

The WA Agritourism app displays attraction categories at the top level view. Users can click on a category to view the venues in that category, along with rounded or square images of that location and other helpful information, like contact information and a description of the attraction. A map view allows tourists to easily locate destinations and utilize driving directions to get there.
Agritourism4.png Agritourism5.png Agritourism3.png

The app would be useful for any organization looking to promote events, attractions, concerts, etc. to a wider audience.

Check it out-- you can copy and customize the app for free! 

Also head over to our Sample Gallery to check out more apps you can use to manage your farming and agricultural operations.

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