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Eddie Wang
 |  December 11, 2018

If you think developing apps is difficult, well, we're here to help you out!  While it may seem like a daunting undertaking to build your own mobile it, no-code technology has helped streamline the process exponentially. On AppSheet, there are actually four ways—none of which require any special skill set—to build an app without code:

  1. Start from Data.
  2. Start from an Add-On.
  3. Start from Sample Apps.
  4. Start from Natural Language.

Use any of these “ways” to build a powerful no-code app in minutes. And, as always, on the AppSheet platform you can prototype apps with any feature for free. And if your app is for personal use, it’s always free.

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1. Build an app using your own data

The AppSheet platform connects with a variety of sources including Office 365, Google Drive, SQL, and many more. If you are using any of the data sources listed below, you can build an app directly from your existing data sources.

After connecting to your data, the platform auto-creates an app prototype. You can then use the the app editor to add features, change the UI, etc., until your custom business app works exactly the way you want it to. As you add functionality and make modifications to your app, a live preview of the current version is always visible in a multi-device emulator (or install the prototype on your devices to test as you build).

When you’re done, deploy the app and share it with your team. And remember, AppSheet automatically supports multiple form factors (web browsers, tablets, and mobile) so you should be good to go.

To get started with your app customizing, here’s a quick overview of AppSheet’s App Editor.




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2. Build an app from an add-on


The great thing about our add-ons is that they allow you to launch AppSheet directly from wherever your data resides—for example, in a Google Sheet or Form. Our add-ons take you from data source to app in just a few clicks and within minutes, you have a working version of your app.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of our most popular add-ons. Just make sure each column is properly formatted with a title in row 1,there are at least 3 rows of data, and then use the add-on to generate your app. To get started, here’s a quick tutorial on how build an app with Google Sheets.



Create Apps from Google Sheets 

Google Forms

Why move your form to an app? Well, if you need to collect different kind of inputs, like photos, signatures, barcodes, or GPS locations, appifying your Form is the way to go. AppSheet also features powerful workflow and reporting tools that allow you to turn a simple form into a fully-functioning web app, so why not move your form to an app? To get started, check out this video.



Create Apps from Google Forms 

Google Docs

AppSheet is the fastest way to convert paper-based (or digital) forms into an app. With automatic workflows, you can easily capture real-time data directly from the app and automatically generate standardized reports. And, just like Google Forms, you can collect photos, signatures, GPS location, and barcodes.

Turn Your Google Docs to Apps


Office 365

If you’re an Office user, AppSheet can turn your static Excel spreadsheets into feature-rich apps. In just a few minutes, our platform auto-creates the first iteration of your app which you can then customize and deploy using AppSheet’s editor. To get started, check out this video.



Build an App from Office 365 and OneDrive



Do you work in a Box environment? Then get the AppSheet add-on for Box and build apps directly from Excel spreadsheets in Box.

Create Apps from Box 

3. Build an app from sample apps


Looking for a proven model—something you can build on or use as is? Explore our collection of sample apps by industry and use case (like inspections, field services, sales & marketing, & much more) and find one that that meets your needs.

Once you find that "almost" perfect app:

  1. Copy it.
  2. Integrate your data.
  3. Customize it to meet your specific needs using the AppSheet editor.
  4. Deploy your “perfect” version.

Build an App from Sample Apps


4. Build an App from Natural Language



"Spec," is a natural language interface, and a recent app building feature in our catalog. With it, you simply “dictate” what you want your app to do by text or speech. Spec then builds out the app based on your idea. After using Spec to frame your app, you can continue to customize it with the AppSheet App Editor before deploying it to your users. Here’s a video to get started.



Build an App from Natural Language


Make your first app today!

So there you have it: four ways to build an app without code. Let us know what method worked best for you in the comments!

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