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Mary Ludloff
October 03, 2018

AppSheet Smart Assistant: You Can Now Talk to Your Apps

Have you ever wanted to just talk to an app you were trying to use? Bypass the interface and tell it what you were looking for or what you wanted to do? And then, magically, have the app do what you told it to do?

Me too and I am happy to report that our latest feature, Smart Assistant, does just that.

There's no magic here—Smart Assistant is a natural language interface that empowers users to bypass an app's interface and directly query the underlying data. By simply checking a box in our platform, creators can activate Smart Assistant across all apps deployed for their business. Users can then simply type or use voice commands to access data immediately, whether they are in an office or in the field.

Assistant View GIF

Pretty cool.

Even cooler: this type of functionality, although incredibly useful, is also incredibly hard to implement! Normally, an app feature like this would take months to develop, require a senior developer with a background in machine learning and natural language processing, and, at minimum, a six-figure investment. But with the AppSheet platform, an automatic conversational UI is built out for an app in minutes. Yes, in minutes.

I suspect you may be asking "how is this possible?"

Well, AppSheet is a no-code, intelligent platform. Unlike code-driven platforms, our platform is intent-driven—able to derive the intent of the app being built. As a result, rich AI-forward features like Smart Assistant can be automatically created for any app built with our platform.

So, instead of app users having to adapt to technology, technology adapts to the users. Check it out in the video below.



Essentially, Smart Assistant is the Siri for apps. And, of course, the more users use Smart Assistant, the more it learns and the more it learns, the more personalized the experience. Like I said: That's because technology should adapt to you, not the other way around.

To learn more about how to enable Smart Assistant in your apps, go here.

And for all the app users out there: Yes, you can now talk to your apps. Just tell your creators to turn on the option!

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