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Santiago Uribe
August 07, 2016

New Features Friday: Android add-on, Editor Refresh, Nested Forms, SalesForce, and more!



AppSheet app creators saw significant changes during the month of July. In short, we added new ways to get started with an app directly from an Android device, we also made it simpler to navigate the editor, and added new features to improve data capture and app management. Continue reading to learn more about our new features.


Build Apps Faster

  • Android Add-on for Sheets and Docs: We recently introduced an AppSheet add-on for Google Sheets on Android. 
  • Editor Refresh: We've introduced updates to the AppSheet editor, making the interface cleaner and easier to understand the different parts of the app creation process. We also introduced suggestions in the editor, use those tips to make updates to your app, add new tables, or views. 

Use Apps Faster

  • Nested Forms: When you create forms that include lists taken from another table, it's now possible to create a new item for that form without having to leave the original. 
  • Auto Save/Reopen forms: With a few selections, you can make your forms auto-save, re-open and jump to the next questions automatically.
  • Quick Actions: When you have a table with three columns including one image, one name, and either a URL, or AppSheet app link. AppSheet automatically picks the intended action (URL or app) as the only action available on that table. The quick action is available on Deck, Table, and Gallery views. 

Manage Apps Like a Pro

  • App Upgrades: You can now add a second app as the upgrade version of an older one, your app users don't need to re-install the new app, simply syncing the existing app will do. 
  • Connect to Salesforce: Try our bet connection to Salesforce. Go to account > Data Sources > Add Data Source and select Salesforce. 
  • Delta Sync: If you have large datasets that rarely change, use Delta sync to avoid downloading those tables to the app every time you sync. 

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