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Julia Guthrie
 |  March 24, 2016

As a one person IT Department, Jack Riggen manages and coordinates all aspects of IT for California’s Contra Costa County’s largest non-profit organization ARC Contra Costa-- which includes 250+ PCs & servers, 10 sites, and a staff of 250+. A large portion of his job involves managing work orders and inventory records.

Because Jack works for a non-profit, he’s always concerned about reducing expenditures. And in the IT field, technology management software can be extremely expensive.

Previously he was using SAManage to manage work order and inventory processes, but he soon realized the benefits weren’t matching the expense. Since those records are maintained in Google Sheets, Jack browsed for add-ons and found AppSheet.

With the features he is able to utilize via AppSheet, Jack has seen vast productivity improvements:

  • “AppSheet has made managing work order simpler because I can aggregate views on my workload more easily. I can set different views for problems, requests, and projects, and see only what I want to see. SAManage had ways to filter work order records, but it was cumbersome and didn't let me fine tune my ‘console’.”
  • “With AppSheet, I can add and remove fields for managing open work orders more organically with a couple minutes of data ‘slice’ modification.”
  • “With asset records, I can group records together much more easily by location, which is how I most frequently need to see them.”
  • “I also really like the ability to search for a string in each view, and the results narrow as I type. Inexplicably, the search function in SAManage was brutish and ineffective.”
  • “Most of all, I love that AppSheet presents my views the same on my phone as it does on my PC screen. I have a tab open for Incident and Asset all the time on my PC, and while working in the field I can effortlessly view Incident or Asset records and add or modify quickly.”

The improvements Jack is seeing on behalf of his apps have not only increased company efficiency, but they’ve also translated into real savings for the organization.

He says, “As for the business, it saves us about $2500 a year. That was the single biggest chunk of my department's direct and recurring expenses. It's very gratifying to have created an in-house solution that both makes my job easier AND saves our non-profit agency money!”

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Julia Guthrie

Julia is Marketing and Communications Manager at AppSheet. She loves the creative and eclectic. She’s held various marketing roles, plus other wacky jobs like suicide hotline operator, shoe designer, and dead animal removal business owner. Julia can usually be found hanging with her cats, crafting, and watching Seinfeld.

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