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Santiago Uribe
February 03, 2016

Monthly New Features: New Pricing Plan, Connect a SQL Data Source, & More

Did you know we introduce updates to AppSheet almost every day? They are generally minor performance updates and bug fixes. There's a lot going on; once a month or so, we'll share all of the major updates to our platform.

Here's our first round of updates for February.

Pro Plan

We are happy to introduce a new plan for businesses and organizations that want more control of the apps they produce. The Pro Plan includes powerful app management tools, like life-cycle management, app and account user-level analytics, team collaboration, audit trails, log retention, and personal identifiable information (PII) data management policies.

The plan also lets you use advanced data sources: SQL Server (cloud instances), Salesforce (coming Q1 2016), and Google Cloud Platform (coming Q1 2016).

Depending on the number of licenses, customers in the Pro Plan have access to additional app testing and professional service packages.

If you are interested in purchasing AppSheet for your company, visit your AppSheet billing page or contact us directly.

New Functions

We're growing our list of supported expressions so you can add more power to your AppSheet forms. Now you can use LEFT, RIGHT, and FIND to fetch characters from another column in AppSheet. These functions are implemented the same way as in Excel and Google Sheets so you can continue using our expressions in familiar formats.

Audit Records

Now you can see usage logs for your app to keep track of when data was submitted, which data was submitted, and if there were any problems with syncing the app to the back-end data. All users have access to the past 24 hours of audit records. Customers in the Pro Plan can set long timeframes for the logs.

You can find your apps' audit histories from the Advanced Editor>Manage>Audit History tab.

Audit Records

New Data Sources

If you have a cloud instance of SQL Server, you can now create a connection to AppSheet and use tables in your database to create apps. Data syncs back and forth between tables. You can prototype your apps with SQL Server for free and move to the Pro Plan once you start deploying.

You can add a new data source by going to your Account>Data Sources>+Data Source

You'll see a list of data sources available to you:

Add Data Source

Select database and you'll get a dialog to input the details about the database you want to import.

SQL INformation

Once Ready, you'll be able to add tables from the database to your apps!

My Apps Page

We are actively updating the App Gallery and My Apps page. The first refresh of the page will give you a cleaner look of each app. This is part of a larger update of our site's look and feel, so stay tuned for more changes.



We love to get your feedback on new features so please head to our User Community to give feedback, share ideas, and ask questions. The AppSheet team and other amazing app creators are there to help!

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