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Julia Guthrie
February 02, 2016

App Innovator: Ernie Carrillo with the City of Vallejo, CA

Ernie Carrillo is a pipe mechanic for the City of Vallejo in Northern California. He works for the Preventive Maintenance department, which includes maintenance on fire hydrants, backflow-preventer testing and repair, leak detection, water main flushing, water sampling, hydrant flow tests, among other duties-- tasks that ensure Vallejo's underlying water systems are working properly for its 117,000 residents. Ernie is also the lead manager of the city's Asset Maintenance and Management System.

Every day, Ernie collects seemingly endless data points in Excel spreadsheets, on everything from water test results, to inventory levels, to fire hydrant data, to installation location information. Because Excel is the database standard adopted across the entire department, Ernie was looking for a way to mobilize his work without needing to change the way he or his team currently manage their data. That's when he found AppSheet.

Before, he and his team were collecting all of their data on paper and transcribing it to Excel later on. Using AppSheet, Ernie created a few mobile apps he uses for the various tasks he performs each day. The apps help him accomplish his work in the field much more efficiently as he can input information into a tablet that goes straight back to the main office immediately.

He says the most significant impact of his apps has been in enabling the department to go completely paperless for the majority of its operations, as well as saving tons of time in the transcription process. And with reduced chances for human error, the department runs much more effectively.

"By streamlining our collection methods, and eliminating the duplication of effort, AppSheet will improve our productivity and reduce data entry errors which has been a huge problem in our office," he says.


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