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Julia Guthrie
November 25, 2015

App Innovator of the Week: Ryan Ainsworth


Ryan Ainsworth is a financial advisor, and he is serious about his job. He and his colleagues meet once a month to discuss their progress toward meeting their monthly goals. They are so serious, in fact, that the person who fails to meet their goals by the largest margin must bring breakfast for everyone to the next meeting.

Ryan built an app on AppSheet to keep track of everyone's progress. He's set the app so that no one can input data that is longer than a few days old. This ensures that users aren't inputting past data all in one setting, and also enables them to better monitor their daily progress-- which is beneficial both for the company and its clients.

Not only has the app helped Ryan and his colleagues better monitor how they're doing at any point each month, it has also energized them in terms of their monthly contest since everyone can view each others' progress. According to Ryan, the app "has built some energy around our goals that had not been there previously."

Ryan has built several unrelated apps with AppSheet and has spent a lot of time getting to know the platform and its features.

He jokes, "I have spent hours on the AppSheet site for multiple nights and am feeling like I'm a little addicted. Maybe I should get out of financial advising and get into software development."



If you would like to be featured as our App Innovator of the Week, please send an email to julia@appsheet.com for consideration.

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