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Santiago Uribe
August 19, 2015

Grow a Mobile Apps Business


Our platform has served a wide range of apps-- apps that help improve business operations, coordinate non-profit efforts, deliver timely information to stakeholders, even manage personal to-do lists and study guides. In fact, we have served over 50,000 apps since we launched with a mission to make businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals more productive with do-it-yourself mobile solutions.

So, what's next?

The team at AppSheet is working hard to improve the types of apps you can build with AppSheet and the tools to make those apps. We've been releasing product updates on a weekly basis for the past four months (Feature of the Week!) and we've been growing the number of users in our platform. This growth has uncovered a new opportunity for our advanced users and other organizations: helping businesses and organizations design and deploy mobile solutions with AppSheet.

The AppSheet Partner Opportunity

We noticed a growing need from businesses and organizations to receive support in developing their mobile solutions. Even though our platform can help guide the process of creating mobile apps, some businesses may want the support and services from advanced users or specialized companies that can create, train, and deploy AppSheet apps to larger groups. It was from that need that we began our partner program.

Become an AppSheet partner and gain access to revenue-share opportunities, co-marketing, and dedicated training and support.

Our partner program targets organizations and individuals that want to grow their business using AppSheet as part of their offerings. Our partners have access to revenue-share opportunities, co-marketing, and dedicated training and support. AppSheet Partners manage the customer relationship and their own value-add services, becoming trusted advisors to organizations and individuals alike.

The program is free to join and the best way to get started is by joining our Partner Newsletter list. This email is intended for anyone interested in our partner program-- it shares business updates, product updates, and technical updates that will help you make the most out of AppSheet.

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, please click here:


About the Program:

At the moment, you can become an AppSheet partner in two ways: as a Solution Architect or Deployment Specialist.

Solution Architect

AppSheet Solution Architects have deep knowledge of our platform and develop mobile solutions connected to the customer’s existing infrastructure. Solution Architects leverage AppSheet capabilities to design and deploy custom-made solutions for a fee. They generally work as consultants, working on a per-project basis. Solution Architects drive revenue from consulting services in design and development in addition to revenue share from AppSheet.

Deployment Specialist

Some customers may prefer to adopt and develop their own mobile solutions. AppSheet Deployment Specialists have a master-level understanding of our platform and can teach others how to best use it. Deployment Specialists will train organizations on AppSheet app creation, change management, integrating cloud storage, team collaboration, and mobile solutions, among other topics. Deployment Specialists drive revenue from training services and integrated deployment services (Cloud + AppSheet) in addition to revenue share from AppSheet.

In both cases, you will get all the benefits of AppSheet’s Partner Program including training, special pricing, and co-marketing.

We are defining new opportunities for Learning Partners in the near future and establishing a future marketplace for partners to connect with AppSheet users and potential customers to start contract projects. Stay tuned for updates!

Download our guide to get a full rundown of how to successfully launch business apps at your company. 


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