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October 22, 2014

AppSheet Launches DIY Platform for Anyone to Create Mobile Apps From Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets to Apps

We are happy to announce the launch of AppSheet, our DIY platform for mobile apps. Anyone can create, deploy, and share mobile apps by simply creating a spreadsheet. Try building an app yourself today at https://www.appsheet.com/. Below is the official news release:

AppSheet (https://www.appsheet.com/) today announced the availability of a do-it-yourself (DIY) platform to create and deploy mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. AppSheet automatically creates elegant and powerful mobile apps from data saved in spreadsheets and files in the cloud. Anyone who can create a spreadsheet now has the power to create a mobile app – with no coding involved.

“AppSheet gives everyone – not just developers -- the power to create and deploy mobile apps,” said Praveen Seshadri, CEO and co-founder of AppSheet. “With our DIY platform, every user of a spreadsheet now has the skillset to create mobile apps in just minutes."

Mobile apps are typically difficult to build and deploy, requiring skilled and expensive developers. This is particularly true of business productivity apps, as they need to be integrated with custom business data. AppSheet makes it easy, fast, and affordable for anyone in any organization, large or small, to build and deploy mobile apps. Yet the service includes powerful features to configure the user experience, shape the data, secure data and access to the app, cache data, work offline, and synchronize changes.

“KIPP Houston has a growing staff of teachers and principals across 22 schools,” said Lauren Koehler, Director of Strategic Projects at KIPP Houston Public Schools. “AppSheet makes it easy to create and update mobile apps ourselves, and most importantly, it gives us an affordable way to stay better connected.”

Mobile apps are created with AppSheet in minutes:

  • The user saves data in a spreadsheet on a cloud storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are supported.
  • AppSheet reads the spreadsheet and automatically generates a working app. The app presents the data visually, and includes the ability to act upon the data (e.g. send mail, make a phone call), update the data, and capture new information in forms.
  • The user tailors the app experience using simple settings to shape the data, configure the app display (charts, maps, and image galleries), control security, and customize the app branding.

AppSheet also provides a collection of over 25 pre-built app templates targeting different business team and individual functions including sales, marketing, human resources, field service, operations, and customer engagement. The templates for sales teams, for example, include a product catalog app, an order capture app for sales reps, a lead tracking app, and a sales charting app. AppSheet provides a free subscription plan and premium subscription plans at rates that are considerably less expensive than traditional alternatives.

About AppSheet

AppSheet is a DIY platform for mobile application development and deployment, empowering anyone who can create a spreadsheet to create a mobile app – no coding, no delays. Based in Seattle, AppSheet is a graduate of the TechStars Microsoft Azure accelerator program. Start building apps for free at https://www.appsheet.com/ and follow AppSheet on Twitter @appsheet.

For AppSheet Samara Villasenor, +1-425-255-0890 samara@greatworkcommunications.com

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