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How UI Design Can Make or Break Your App

Gone are the days when customers would visit stores to inquire and to buy products and services. Thanks to the internet revolution, customers are now able to visit stores virtually to view items and to purchase them from anywhere, at any time. This transformation has been expedited in part by the mobile movement. With smartphones, tablets, phablets and mobile devices, e-commerce and e-business will continue to thrive. For this reason, mobile app development will be on the rise.

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4 Ways to Cut IT Costs by Making Your Own Apps

Regardless if your IT department is in-house or outsourced, technology is a vital part of any modern day business. If your website, computer network or apps go awry, your business will instantly come to a standstill. It’s no wonder that in a recent survey involving 1,121 IT pros across various sectors, it was reported that the average IT budget was $253,389. The average IT spending per employee ranged from $2,770 for small businesses with 19 or fewer employees to $698 for large companies with over 500 employees (average $1,526). As a business owner or manager, you know what a big investment good tech support is, but are there ways to decrease this large expense?

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6 Handy Apps to Help Real Estate Agents Make That Sale

Real estate can be a tricky business, and it is often dependent upon factors outside of human control. House hunters can be swayed by weather, location, or a lack of information at the moment of decision-making. Mobile apps can give realtors a leg-up when it comes to making that all-important sale by allowing them to have imperative information available at their fingertips.

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6 Often Overlooked Advantages to RMAD

Demand for mobile apps is insatiable right now, so organizations are under intense pressure to increase capacity to build them quickly.

Many companies are turning to no-code app development platforms like AppSheet because they make it easy to develop an app without a professional developer. Rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools reduce demands on IT departments and enable line-of-business users to build their own apps, especially for highly targeted needs and workflows.

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How to Build an App to Manage Your Event

From conferences, open houses and fundraisers to weddings, birthday parties, and holiday get togethers, events take a ton of planning. You may be the event coordinator for your organization or you just throw a killer family gathering, but you still need to stay on budget, keep to a timeline, order decorations, and keep track of so much more. An app maker can help you to create stellar events while minimizing stress. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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