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Christina Morales
 |  January 31, 2017


The great thing about so many apps being out on the market is that you can learn from the many who have gone before you. It’s like the wheel has been invented and you just need to focus on customizing it to make it go faster, run smoother, and improve it so you can arrive at your specific goal. With free apps builders, you can certainly see what other apps are offering and take their examples to make your own personalized tool. Consider these features that popular apps have in common to make the best app for your specific needs.

1. Work In Shorthand

Apps are used on mobile devices which are not convenient for lengthy data inputting. Evernote is one great example to follow; when inspiration hits and you want to take a picture or if you’re running errands and need to make a quick list, you can easily capture these thoughts and move on to your next task. Premade checklists, abbreviations, yes or no surveys, and easy-to-use buttons make apps quick, easy and more likely to be utilized.

2. Team Communication

If no man is an island, then apps are the cruise liners that connect your workforce. “When the internal forces of a business are working toward communicating the same message to vendors, suppliers and customers, good communication can also lead to a boost in sales for the business,” observes Kristie Lorette in the Houston Chronicle.  “Essentially, good communication creates a win-win situation. The customers who can benefit from the company receive the messages they need to make them aware of the company and to make a purchase, which in turn boosts the sales of the company.”

Apps that keeps employees and management connected know the right questions to ask, the appropriate answers to give and keep the team well-informed to provide optimal customer experience. Well-known project-management app Basecamp is a great example of opening the lines of communication so that projects stay on time.

3. Organization

Your businesses’ future relies on being organized. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) is a necessary task that can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you are creating a lead tracking app, it’s important to keep all of your information in one place. Streak allows you to keep track of where you are in your business relationship rather than organizing customers by contact name. The best apps keep your information organized, logical, and easy to interpret for group accessibility.

4. Simplicity

“I want to read directions,” said no one ever. This is especially true when it comes to apps. Afterall, mobile apps were built for speed, mobility, and simplicity. Facebook’s Messenger app was one of the top apps of 2016 with more than 136 million active monthly users. YouTube came in at a whopping 134 million. Chances are, you have used one of these apps and found they were self-explanatory. The best apps are user-friendly and ready to go.

5. Synchronization

Every business or even individual accesses a variety of technology platforms each day. From social media to emails to spreadsheets, we are inundated with information. Great apps work with the tools that we already use and that have proven their worth. AppSheet is a great example. You can import the spreadsheets you already use with software from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more to create customized apps to manage your mobile employees.

Like any product, the best apps fill a need and do it well. The best part about mobile app makers is that you can create your own apps. No one knows your needs like you do and no one knows how to solve them like you can. Seeing what’s available and incorporating the most useful tools can guide you as you create your perfect app.

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Christina Morales

Christina is a contributing writer for AppSheet. Her passion for writing is rooted in being inspired and challenged. In 2009, her love of creating content combined with her fascination with the world of technology and since then she has had the privilege of writing for a vast array of tech companies.

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