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Integrating Customer Service in Mobile Apps

Reblogged from App Developer Magazine, by Richard Harris

If you're creating customer-facing mobile apps, it's important to consider how to deliver a useful and unique experience to your clients. With mobile apps becoming one of the most preferred methods of information dissemination today, businesses who are producing them can’t afford not to include some kind of customer support in their mobile tools.

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Five Sources for Sales and Marketing Wisdom

We can easily feel encumbered with day-to-day tasks going to market-- finding prospects, sending sales letters, qualifying leads, measuring success, arguing about the right background color of the sales slide deck. While most of these activities are unavoidable in achieving your goals, it's also important to continue cultivating inspiration and re-learning the big picture of why and how to do certain things. 

I have several sources of inspiration for sales and marketing wisdom, which I curate in Feedly, Index.co, and Flipboard. These tools allow me to easily spend some time every day learning about what others are doing in sales and marketing. My sources mix is a combination of deeper articles on marketing and marketing strategy, combined with practical information on sales and marketing execution. 

Here are my five favorite sources. Feel free to share yours!

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Infographic: Strengthening Client Relationships with AppSheet

Sales is hard work. The job requires lots of technical knowledge, stellar customer service skills, and long, grueling hours. Not to mention the ability to multitask-- keeping track of inventory, sales data, and clients, all while continuing to provide a pleasant experience for the customer. 

Sales professionals need to cut down time spent on managing these processes so they can focus on selling products and cultivating lasting relationships. Many are using AppSheet to do just that.

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4 Free Apps to Manage Marketing Projects


As any business professional may know, owning or working in a small business doesn't mean marketing efforts can stand to fall by the wayside. In fact, marketing might very well be abundantly more important for a small company than a large business-- especially in the early days.

One of biggest pain points for small businesses when running their marketing is keeping track of projects, budgets, and product performance. Most of the time, those projects are run from spreadsheets in Excel, Smartsheet, or Google Sheets. But interacting with that data from a mobile device is less than ideal.

Having a mobile app to track performance of those projects used to be out of the question for most businesses, especially because the cost to have custom-made apps can be high and off-the-shelf software is too narrow in scope, expensive, and cumbersome to use.

At AppSheet, our goal is to enable small businesses to create and customize the tools they need to accomplish everyday necessities like marketing, without the costs and complexities only a larger business can contend with.

To that end, we created four apps designed to streamline common marketing practices businesses-- both small and large-- encounter every day.

Check them out below, and copy and customize as needed!

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Simplify Your Sales Efforts With These 5 Apps

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better."

Our neighbor just down the road, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, famously spoke the quote above. And at AppSheet we believe the same-- that customers and their needs should be the cornerstone of what drives any business.

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