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These Apps Could Improve Productivity at your Nonprofit

Managing a nonprofit often means operating on a shoestring. There’s not always the budget to streamline processes or outsource tasks to specialists. You have to make do with what you’ve got and be creative about finding solutions. That means everyone has to pitch in to get things done.  Often it’s the small or seemingly insignificant tasks that end up taking the longest. You can spend hours every week updating social media or sending emails late at night to keep your team updated.  With a few simple apps, you could potentially clear hours in your week to focus on the big picture strategy and really making a difference.

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How Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Construction Site Productivity

Adopting  mobile apps like a construction calculator can help boost productivity and optimize construction jobsites. Providing increased efficiency, freedom and flexibility to complete the tasks at hand, and enhanced project communication and collaboration, mobile tools have real benefits for businesses.

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Using Mobile Applications to Increase Hospital Productivity

Reblogged from the Huffington Post, by Ron Avignone

We’ve shown you how one AppSheet user improved a hospital’s efficiency with a DIY mobile app designed for cardiovascular surgery scheduling.

In his Huffington Post article, Using Mobile Applications to Increase Hospital Productivity, Giva founder and CEO Ron Avignone posits that even though mobile apps have already boosted productivity for medical personnel significantly, the best is yet to come. Avignone imagines the kinds of medical apps that could continue advancing the medical profession and what types of challenges they might tackle.

Featured below…

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4 Small Business Challenges and DIY Tools to Resolve Them


Business today moves faster than it ever has before. Smartphones make it possible to accomplish important tasks from almost anywhere. It's safe to say that mobile apps are also here to stay—but what if your small business can't afford all that comes with developing a traditional mobile app?

Luckily, you don't have to wait until you're a large corporation to get access to powerful mobile apps you can customize to your needs. Platforms like AppSheet empower resource-strapped organizations to build their own mobile apps that can help them solve their everyday business challenges.

Whether you're managing a budget or keeping track of important contacts, you can build a mobile app to help alleviate some pain points you encounter every day. We've compiled a list of challenges that could be solved with mobile tools you can create on your own.

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4 Apps to Manage Construction Projects


Managing construction projects requires a high level of organization and attention to detail. Project managers are in charge of making sure jobs run smoothly from start to finish-- including hiring of staff, negotiating contracts, obtaining necessary permits, monitoring safety compliance, operating within time and budgetary constraints, and more.

Most project managers and contractors would agree they simply do not have time for papers and administrative processes. But they also can't afford to fall behind on these tasks. They're integral to projects running smoothly and completing on time.

Mobile tools that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets are extremely convenient ways for contractors and project managers to accomplish necessary processes, with the ability to input and access all the information they need within a helpful mobile app.

To that end we're featuring a few mobile apps you can copy and customize to run your construction projects more efficiently. Check them out below!

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