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How to Build a Powerful Demo App – Robust Test Data is Key

While building sample apps with AppSheet is pretty easy, finding test data to drive the app can be a tedious process.

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Five Sources for Sales and Marketing Wisdom

We can easily feel encumbered with day-to-day tasks going to market-- finding prospects, sending sales letters, qualifying leads, measuring success, arguing about the right background color of the sales slide deck. While most of these activities are unavoidable in achieving your goals, it's also important to continue cultivating inspiration and re-learning the big picture of why and how to do certain things. 

I have several sources of inspiration for sales and marketing wisdom, which I curate in Feedly, Index.co, and Flipboard. These tools allow me to easily spend some time every day learning about what others are doing in sales and marketing. My sources mix is a combination of deeper articles on marketing and marketing strategy, combined with practical information on sales and marketing execution. 

Here are my five favorite sources. Feel free to share yours!

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How to Package Your AppSheet Services

As an AppSheet Partner, you can offer a wide range of services to your customers. Those services depend on your business strategy. AppSheet can be a great product-attach to your existing productivity offerings with Office 365, Google Apps, or Smartsheet.

Additionally, AppSheet can be the core delivery method for mobile solutions for clients that need several mobile applications connected to their existing infrastructure.

Regardless of the scope of your business, when you are an AppSheet partner, there are three core offerings you can package and offer to your clients: App Creation and Implementation, Training, and Support. 

In this post, we'll show you different ways to package and promote those services. 


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Join Us for Next Week's Live Partner Webinar

We're excited to kick off our first Live Partner Webinar. Join us to learn more about the program and to get additional AppSheet updates and news.

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Use the Collaboration Tool to Provide Ongoing Support on AppSheet Apps

As an AppSheet Partner, providing ongoing support and upgrades to apps that remain under the account of your customer is a key offering in your portfolio. In th past, after the initial app transfer, updating the apps required either new transfers or new versions of the app to deploy. 

Today, we are happy to announce a collaboration option that will enable partners to remain as an editor or viewers of their clients' apps. 

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