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Apps Aren’t Just For Smartphones Any More

As smart technology permeates our society, powering our wearables, homes, cars, and other IoT devices, apps to drive are also on the rise.  In fact, a recent report by VisionMobile said that out of the 4.5 million people identified as IoT developers in 2015, 1.4 million were focused on smart home apps. According to VisionMobile’s IoT Megatrends 2016 report, there are seven distinct IoT areas that app developers work in—smart home, retail, industrial, wearables, smart city, medical and connected car—with the opportunities offered by connected homes a clear favorite.

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What Do the Best Apps Have in Common?

The great thing about so many apps being out on the market is that you can learn from the many who have gone before you. It’s like the wheel has been invented and you just need to focus on customizing it to make it go faster, run smoother, and improve it so you can arrive at your specific goal. With free apps builders, you can certainly see what other apps are offering and take their examples to make your own personalized tool. Consider these features that popular apps have in common to make the best app for your specific needs.

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The Biggest Mobile Trends You Need to Know in 2017

Last year, mobile became a dominant digital platform, and adoption of the technology has exploded. Apps are more important than ever for businesses striving to engage with their consumers, employees, operations and suppliers.

Our latest white paper - Mobile App Trends: What to Know for 2017 draws insights from AppSheet user data and leading industry research to spotlight the 7 trends that we believe will shape mobile app development for businesses in 2017.

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Messaging Apps And Chatbots Help Retailers Connect with Customers

As customers increasingly turn to technology to showroom, price compare, and search for the best deals, retailers need to be responsive to these new consumer behaviors. One way that retailers are trying to better connect with their customers is through the increased use of chatbots and messaging apps, according to a new study from [24]7, a provider of chatbot and human agent assistance for retailers.

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With 80% Of Purchases Now Influenced By Mobile, Your Business Needs To Meet Demands

Increasingly, your customers, employees and service users expect a fast and intuitive mobile experience. Eighty percent of purchases are now influenced by mobile. If you fail to meet these expectations, users will quickly turn away.

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