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5 Key Practices To Enable Citizen Developers

As the demand for mobile apps escalates and tech users become increasingly tech-savvy, developers are seeing a dramatic shift in the role of IT from being “prescriptive” to “predictive” in nature. While traditional IT departments may tend to demonize citizen development, it can actually be a path to greater success for an organization by empowering others outside of IT to build apps that inspire a culture of problem-solving across the entire organization.

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4 Ways to Cut IT Costs by Making Your Own Apps

Regardless if your IT department is in-house or outsourced, technology is a vital part of any modern day business. If your website, computer network or apps go awry, your business will instantly come to a standstill. It’s no wonder that in a recent survey involving 1,121 IT pros across various sectors, it was reported that the average IT budget was $253,389. The average IT spending per employee ranged from $2,770 for small businesses with 19 or fewer employees to $698 for large companies with over 500 employees (average $1,526). As a business owner or manager, you know what a big investment good tech support is, but are there ways to decrease this large expense?

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4 Challenges Every IT Department Faces — and How Mobile Apps Can Help

With the ever-expanding technology climate we’re living in today, the job descriptions of IT managers seem to be increasing at an equivalent rate. Technology professionals are no longer limited to simply ‘fixing the bugs.’ They must perform tasks to keep organized and efficient, but these tasks often seemingly have nothing to do with technology at all.

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App Innovator: Jack Riggen with ARC Contra Costa

As a one person IT Department, Jack Riggen manages and coordinates all aspects of IT for California’s Contra Costa County’s largest non-profit organization ARC Contra Costa-- which includes 250+ PCs & servers, 10 sites, and a staff of 250+. A large portion of his job involves managing work orders and inventory records.

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Customer Stories: Brett Bonomo with Castle Rock Microwave



Brett Bonomo has been in the microwave radio backhaul business for over 15 years. “Microwave radio backhaul” might not be a term with which most of us are familiar, but it should be, because Brett’s job is to provide data and voice transferring systems to the railroad, cellular, utility, and public safety companies whose services we use every day. He’s giving these firms the ability to communicate and share information over long distances, which is essential in being able to serve our communication and transportation needs.

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