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App Innovator: Paul Carpenter with Anglo-American School of Moscow

Paul Carpenter is a Technology Integrationist for the Anglo-American School of Moscow (AASM) in Russia whose job is to help administrators, teachers, and students use technology purposefully and effectively. His other tasks include collecting and analyzing data for the HR and Curriculum departments.

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Take Human Resources Efforts Mobile with These 5 Apps

Businesses employ all kinds of tactics to manage information; but one thing that seems never to change is the use of spreadsheets to keep track of it all. This is especially true in Human Resource fields, where reps must keep track of employee data, procedures and policies, events, and more. Spreadsheets still persist as the best organizational tool around.

But what if you need to interact with the data in your spreadsheets while away from the office? Share and collaborate over job candidate information with your colleagues? Plan an office event while on a business trip? Sure, you could use a mobile spreadsheet app. But spreadsheet apps aren't ideal for interacting with data, organizing it, charting it, or allowing you to collaborate on it.

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How One AppSheet User is Helping His Clients Retire Peacefully


"Pensions are disappearing at an alarming rate. The security of having an additional source of income during retirement is no longer an option for many."

-Brice Prather

Brice Prather owns Life On Your Terms Inc., a company dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial security so they can retire with confidence and peace.

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A Home-Grown Mobile App to Bolster Grown-Up Hiring

Ever poured over a job contract and noticed the word “unlimited” next to the vacation allowance section? Well, I haven’t but, I assure you, this is a thing. And this thing is taking off within many forward-thinking companies like The Virgin Group, Netflix, and VMware right now.
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