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Simplifying Healthcare Staffing with an AppSheet White Label App


As a recruiter, I've always tried to find innovative ways to locate and hire the best possible candidates for jobs. What makes being a travel nurse recruiter so unique is that we typically have hundreds—if not thousands—of jobs to offer our candidates. To make this task easier, I started searching for a way to share our massive database of available job openings while simultaneously driving qualified candidates in my direction.

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Manage Your Freelance Business with an App Maker

It is common knowledge that telecommuting is on the rise. Cloud platforms have eliminated the need for brick and mortar offices and the high overhead costs that go along with traditional business practices. However, freelancers are also taking advantage of new technology and the amazing opportunities that are rising in this innovative era of commerce.

As of 2014, a study found that more than 53 million Americans are doing freelance work and account for more than 34% of the entire workforce. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average employer cost is $29.71 per employee per hour, with roughly 70% of that accounting for wage and 30% for employee benefits. Freelancers eliminate that extra 30% expense and therefore are becoming more attractive to employers.

However, there are a few downsides to this freedom of enterprise. You have to be your own marketing team, project manager, accountant, and a specialist at job hunting. Fortunately, a spreadsheet app can help with maintaining impeccable organization. Here’s how:

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Unleashing the Potential of Human Resources Processes with Mobile Apps

While mobile apps often spring to mind for companies looking to make sales, supply chains, and production processes run more efficiently, they also have the potential to improve human resources processes as well. The proper mobile apps can unleash a wealth of potential for your company’s bottom line.

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Becoming a Paperless Employee: Now’s the Time to Switch to an Expense Tracker and Timesheet App

In many circumstances today, the way we did business isn’t the way we do business anymore. Case in point, 3.7 million employees telecommute at least half of the time. Moreover, we’ve become a mobile workforce; in 2015 the scales tipped when one study found that the average Internet user spent 51% (2.8 hours) on their mobile device as opposed to 42% (2.4 hours) on a desktop computer. The times are changing and one of the biggest advances is the rise of the paperless employee.

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Managing Human Resources Functions with Custom Mobile Apps

According to its website, “Landscape 2000 Ltd provides a complete landscaping and garden maintenance service that is second to none.” The West Sussex, England-based landscaping company provides a variety of services for commercial sites, including design consulting, custom patio and deck construction, fencing, lawn and irrigation systems, and more.

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