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App Innovator: An App to Schedule Cardiovascular Surgeries


LK Levent is an avid motorcycle rider and instructor

Levent Kulaçoglu is one of the most active members of our community and an expert in AppSheet. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, he's currently the Project Director for one of the largest construction projects in Europe. He's been developing apps with AppSheet to serve all kinds of purposes, such as financial modeling or recording training activities in his motorcycle club. To date, however, his most successful app was one he designed to help his wife, a cardiovascular surgeon, keep track of her hospital's scheduled surgeries.

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Apps for Health: Helping Diagnose TB Patients in Venezuela


SergioPoliFrom left to right: Dr. Sergio Poli, a patient, and a child from one of the indigenous communities

For as long as he can remember, Sergio Poli, a doctor and researcher in Caracas, Venezuela, was using paper forms to interview his patients about their health histories.

Sergio is helping to diagnose and eliminate cases of Tuberculosis, which-- though not a dire threat here in the United States-- continues to be a leading cause of death in developing countries.

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