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App Innovator: Ernie Carrillo with the City of Vallejo, CA

Ernie Carrillo is a pipe mechanic for the City of Vallejo in Northern California. He works for the Preventive Maintenance department, which includes maintenance on fire hydrants, backflow-preventer testing and repair, leak detection, water main flushing, water sampling, hydrant flow tests, among other duties-- tasks that ensure Vallejo's underlying water systems are working properly for its 117,000 residents. Ernie is also the lead manager of the city's Asset Maintenance and Management System.

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DIY Technology: Spreading Habitats and Humanity in Nepal


nepalhabitat-1.jpgWhen a devastating earthquake struck Nepal last April, Habitat for Humanity's Chris Needham was tapped to lead the organization's disaster response team. The mission? Provide emergency shelter kits for families to build temporary housing they could later turn into permanent homes.

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Customer Stories: Brett Bonomo with Castle Rock Microwave



Brett Bonomo has been in the microwave radio backhaul business for over 15 years. “Microwave radio backhaul” might not be a term with which most of us are familiar, but it should be, because Brett’s job is to provide data and voice transferring systems to the railroad, cellular, utility, and public safety companies whose services we use every day. He’s giving these firms the ability to communicate and share information over long distances, which is essential in being able to serve our communication and transportation needs.

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Customer Stories: Nicolas Mory with the City of Westmount, Montreal


PicMonkey Collage Westmount, Montreal

Westmount, Montreal’s official website calls the Canadian suburb an urban forest. With a vibrant landscape of trees, forests, parks, as well as a commitment to sustainability, the city’s environmental employees make great efforts to care for Westmount’s population of plants and trees.

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Customer Stories: A Mobile App for Field Service


We’ve talked to many customers who are doing their work out in the field-- whether surveying for structure repairs, delivering meals, or deploying rescuers to emergencies and natural disaster sites, their apps have helped them share information and stay connected during critical times.

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