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5 Must-Have Features for Enterprise Mobile Apps


Who hasn’t walked by a co-worker who was looking through photos on Instagram on their phone or reading Facebook comments on their computer? It can be maddening for managers to try and control the use of social media in the workplace. But far from being a source of frustration, consumer apps that people use for social or recreational reasons have features that can greatly benefit an organization looking to develop their own, enterprise-level apps for internal use.

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Feature Friday: Meta Features Week


Welcome to Feature Friday!

We survived the eclipse! It seems so long ago but it's only been five days and in that time we've presented a summary of recent and useful mobile app features that we've introduced this year and we started alpha testing of our new teams feature. Continue reading to learn more!

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Feature Friday: Total Eclipse of the App

Welcome to Feature Friday! Since it's 3 days before a total eclipse that will pass through all of the United States, we thought it would be fun to title this post a Total Eclipse of the App. Our office is in Seattle so we're not in the totality path but it's predicted that 92% of the sun will be covered by the moon in our area. We may miss the complete darkness but we are definitely ready for the eclipse with new AppSheet features to share!

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Feature Friday: Action Packed

Welcome to Feature Friday for August. First one of the month! This time we'll cover two new features that will help you manage system actions in AppSheet. Here's the whole story:

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The 4 Rules for Successful Mobile Apps


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Deep Dive: Best Practices to Build Inspection and Data Capture Apps


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Automate Work with AppSheet

Let's say you have an app that keeps track of employee training hours and you want to be alerted when any employee accumulates over 10 hours of training. Or you have a client management app and would like to get a weekly report of all customers contacted. What if you want to automatically update your customer's information on Salesforce.com when your field technicians perform a job?

You can achieve all of those things by adding automation to your AppSheet apps. By adding workflow rules to your app, you can define the rules that trigger a specific behavior and connect with multiple services like Email, PDF generation, SMS, and Webhooks. 

On April 27 we conducted a webinar to walk App Creators through the different options available in the AppSheet Platform to automate tasks. Check the video out!

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New Features of the Week - April 11

Yes, that is some blue sky in between the clouds! Progress!

While we speculate on the existence of Spring, we released a few goodies for your apps. If you are in the waiting list for dynamic views. Then today is your lucky day!

Feature updates for April 12, 2017

  • Dynamically, show/hide views based on data
  • Show data from two columns in the same map
  • Is your app running a little slow? Check its Performance Profile to track down potential issues
  • Apply Show_IF conditions when capturing and displaying data
  • And more!

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The 6 App Development Best Practices To Follow When Using AppSheet

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New Features of the Week - March 2, 2017

The AppSheet machine keeps rolling with new features for you. Here's a quick summary for the first week of March. Continue reading to learn more.

Feature updates for March 2, 2017

  • Schedule workflows to automatically trigger at specific times
  • Manage app creator teams within AppSheet
  • Minor performance enhancements across the platform
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4 Ways to Cut IT Costs by Making Your Own Apps

Regardless if your IT department is in-house or outsourced, technology is a vital part of any modern day business. If your website, computer network or apps go awry, your business will instantly come to a standstill. It’s no wonder that in a recent survey involving 1,121 IT pros across various sectors, it was reported that the average IT budget was $253,389. The average IT spending per employee ranged from $2,770 for small businesses with 19 or fewer employees to $698 for large companies with over 500 employees (average $1,526). As a business owner or manager, you know what a big investment good tech support is, but are there ways to decrease this large expense?

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New Features of the Week - January Edition!

Winter break is over and the engineering team is back in full throttle releasing great new features for the AppSheet platform, we introduced bulk actions, you can now calculate distance between two locations, and launch other AppSheet and non-AppSheet with quick actions. Here's a quick digest of recently published features:

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5 Tips to Protect Your Consumers and Provide App Credibility

Cyber security is a huge concern for both business owners and customers alike. From compromising your financial accounts to tarnishing the faith your clients have in your business, Internet criminals can cause immeasurable harm to those they target. While we have all heard the news stories about online hackers, fake apps are entering the scene as the next trend in technology-based fraud.

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Tips to Creating Amazing Charts on the Go

There are many reasons why you would want to access a chart via your mobile device while you are on the go. Perhaps you visit clients on sales calls and you need to reference how your product compares to the competition. Maybe you work in real estate and you wish to show potential home buyers the ebb and flow of the market and why now is the best time to buy. You may work for a nonprofit and need to show donors how your program is impacting others for good. The possibilities are endless for app makers that utilize mobile charts and graphs; having data interpreted into a visual aid only strengthens your overall presentation.

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Tips for Making Your App Look and Function Properly on Any Mobile Device

We’ve all come across web pages or apps that just didn’t perform quite right on a mobile device. Maybe the download time took way too long or the buttons were incredibly small making it difficult to click to the next function. The software could have been designed for an iPhone but you own a Samsung Galaxy (or vise versa) so the formatting was off. If you are creating an app for your workforce to use, chances are your employees have different brands of smartphones along with various models to complicate things. Here are some tips to help your app look professional while functioning properly regardless of what device it’s used on.

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