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Field Service & Political Campaign: Big Data Solutions in a Texas Mayor Race

The ability to gather data about voters, hone in on specific slices of a demographic and tailor a message to constituents has been a game changer in how political campaigns are run, predicted and won. While many organizers at the local level understand that big data tools can give a particular candidate an edge, those tools have historically only been available to high-power corporations or giant political machines — but new technology and services are leveling the playing field.

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5 Ways to Visualize Data in Your AppSheet App

Your mobile apps must be great at capturing but also great at displaying it. When you have a spreadsheet that you want to take while on the go, AppSheet can help you consume the data in a richer, mobile-friendly way.

We built a sample app with a list of colleges in the State of Oregon to showcase the main ways you can display information with AppSheet, they are all available in the UX Menu of the app editor.

If you want to use the sample spreadsheet we used for this app, you can find it in a link at the end of this post. Remember to visit our community to share questions and ideas about your app!


[UPDATE] Many of our users asked us to provide access to the sample app in addition to the free sample sheet. You can a link to the sample app at the end of the post.

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5 Types of Views to Enhance Your AppSheet Apps

 In most cases, your AppSheet apps start as a single view of your data, displayed as a list. On its own, this is prety useful; but there is a good amount of precious real-estate within your app that you can still use. With a few selections, you'll be able to expand the number of views in your app beyond the default, bringing richer visualizations and new ways for your team to interact with your data.

How can AppSheet display my data in a mobile app?

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