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AppSheet Integrates with Zapier & IFTTT

We're thrilled to announce that we've launched two new Zapier and IFTTT integrations to our platform. We understand the impact of trigger-based workflows and the potential this has for AppSheet's customers. It's an ask we've gotten in the past and have rolled out a solution that will help you seamlessly power up your workflows. Read more to get details and learn how to integrate these solutions into your apps. 

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100,000 Mobile Apps: Powered by Google Apps and AppSheet

At AppSheet, our goal is to empower everyone to create their own mobile apps. We do this by connecting with the most powerful productivity platforms, providing the ability to turn spreadsheets into powerful mobile tools. Since our launch in 2014, we've made big bets on Google Apps, creating integrations for Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Google Docs. We want to enable the more than two million paid businesses that are powered by Google Apps to build their own apps with AppSheet.

More than 90,000 Google Apps users have created apps with AppSheet in the past 14 months. We're awestruck by the level of participation we've received from Google Apps users throughout the world and we’re looking forward to turning more of those users into app creators.

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The Lean, Mean Software Machine: How We’re Building at AppSheet

The “lean” approach has become an established practice at startup companies as well as larger software companies. These organizations have learned that “lean development” quickly results in a product that their customers actually want. However, most successful software products today are not just products. They rapidly evolve into platforms on which customers build apps and solutions. Most of these software platforms though haven’t internalized that their customers also need to build apps and solutions using a lean methodology. Customers deserve better!

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AppSheet Named a Top 2016 App Builder

This is a guest blog post from Ryan Stevens, Senior Analyst at Clutch.

AppSheet has made the list of top mobile app builders from ratings and review firm Clutch. This list includes many proven companies that provide high-quality services and deliver first-class products. Dependent on feedback from customers and ease of use of our platform, AppSheet’s presence on the list is a great accomplishment for our young company.

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Grow a Mobile Apps Business


Our platform has served a wide range of apps-- apps that help improve business operations, coordinate non-profit efforts, deliver timely information to stakeholders, even manage personal to-do lists and study guides. In fact, we have served over 50,000 apps since we launched with a mission to make businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals more productive with do-it-yourself mobile solutions.

So, what's next?

The team at AppSheet is working hard to improve the types of apps you can build with AppSheet and the tools to make those apps. We've been releasing product updates on a weekly basis for the past four months (Feature of the Week!) and we've been growing the number of users in our platform. This growth has uncovered a new opportunity for our advanced users and other organizations: helping businesses and organizations design and deploy mobile solutions with AppSheet.

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