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The 9 Best App Analytics Tools

Ever wondered why the number of people using your app suddenly dropped? Or why your app isn’t generating as much revenue as you thought it would? Blind guessing will not help. But if you implement an analytics tool in your app, the answer could be revealed to you quickly and effectively.

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Manage Projects Like a PRO

Project management is a limited endeavor if your team needs to be mobile but your data isn't. That's why thousands of AppSheet app creators use AppSheet to transform the data in their Google Sheets, Smartsheet, and Excel spreadsheets into powerful mobile apps.

We recently held two webinars that showed how to get started with AppSheet and build project management apps. The apps we used during the webinar are available for you to copy them and see how they were created. Check the two videos and find the link to the app at the end of this post!

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5 Reasons Why You Must Have Your Own Business Apps

Making your own business apps may have crossed your mind but the expense, effort and not knowing where to begin may have quickly doused that dream. However, the benefits of a customized app and the convenience of a  mobile app maker have taken any negative arguments off the table. Here are five reasons why you need to have your own apps:

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Tips for Making Your App Look and Function Properly on Any Mobile Device

We’ve all come across web pages or apps that just didn’t perform quite right on a mobile device. Maybe the download time took way too long or the buttons were incredibly small making it difficult to click to the next function. The software could have been designed for an iPhone but you own a Samsung Galaxy (or vise versa) so the formatting was off. If you are creating an app for your workforce to use, chances are your employees have different brands of smartphones along with various models to complicate things. Here are some tips to help your app look professional while functioning properly regardless of what device it’s used on.

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What You Can Learn from the Best Consumer Grade Applications

Consumer grade is the new enterprise grade, according to a recent survey that revealed that consumer apps are faster and more reliable than enterprise apps. The study also found that consumer apps provide greater visibility.

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